Sunday, January 10, 2010

I beleive in moral victories

Georgia gave #3 Kentucky all they could handle yesterday in Lexington, losing 76-68. I was able to watch the game on ESPN360 (actually hooked it up to the wide screen, which worked, but wasn't the best quality picture). Actually, I ended up spending a lot of the first half outside. When Georgia went down by 12 or so early, I took the kids outside to play in the 10 inches of snow we've had. I come back in to see we are leading at the half.

As one friend put it: "Get your ass back out in the cold!"

I got to see much of the second half between going out to check the fire on my smoker (turkey breast, trout and pork tenderloins, thank you). I also spent some time messing with my neighbor, who was in coveralls with his hood on, gloves, boots, stocking cap and ear muffs. I was wearing a long sleeved T-shirt and house shoes (I'd shoveled the deck). Anyway, I acted like the high of 10 degrees was no big deal while he was looking like an extra from "The Day After Tomorrow." Just showing yankees that a little weather doesn't stop us and earning my street cred as 'that crazy boy from Georgia.'

So..the game was great. 12 lead changes and nine ties in the game. Georgia shot 6 of 14 from behind the arc. Despite turning the ball over 26 times (to UK's 14), they out rebounded the Cats, who took only seven more shots than Georgia. Foul shots were the difference, as UK got to the line for 18 more free throws (they were 22/33 to Georgia's 12/15). Hey, it is Lexington.

I'd said it before, this team has a punchers chance to beat anybody. We could go 5-11 or we could go 10-6 in the SEC. Either way, we have a team now; one that is well coached, plays hard and is disciplined. More importantly, they don't stop thinking they can win. It is a different ballgame now.

Great job Coach Fox, even if it was a loss.

A little taste of what is to come for the Dawgs this season (Travis Leslie over Demarcus Cousins for the dunk)...

Go Dawgs!

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