Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How I stopped worrying and learned to hate Tech

I have an embarrassing admission: I used to like Georgia Tech. There, I said it. To all my high school friends that keep threatening to send me picutes of me in a Tech hat, don't. I have admitted to my youthful follies and we can all move on.

Actually, liking Tech is a bit of a stretch. I didn't hate Tech. Someone gave me a Tech hat that I wore, along with my regular mesh backed 'G' hat, my "Walker my Dog!" painters hat, and hats advertising various breeds of hogs (long story involving the FFA, my background and my interests). The honest truth is that like a lot of folks from South Georgia in the 80s, we didn't care if Tech won, as long as they didn't win Thanksgiving weekend. I actaully wanted Tech to win sometimes.

That carried into my first year of law school, when Tech was named co-national champion with Colorado. Just to refresh you, Tech was tied by North Carolina on the road for the only blemish on their record. They defeated just one ranked team (then number one Virginia) until they beat Nebraska in the Citrus Bowl. The Tech people at law school with me were unbearable. Georgia finished 4-7.

Anybody seen my chicken fingers?

Still I tolerated Tech, even if I did not openly support them. It seemed appropriate, living in Washington DC and having to defend all things Georgia. Plus, people had a tendency to ask if the Bulldogs were Georgia Tech up there in the 90s. It was an honest mistake considering the state of UGA athletics until Tubby Smith was hired. Yeah, gymnastics and ladies hoops were tearing it up, but let's face it, they didn't get much press then. Basketball was down. Football was downer.

After I moved back to Athens, Jim Donnan did the unthinkable. He lost to Tech again. Thank you very much sir, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Mark Richt was hired and Georgia started winning. My toleration turned into disregard. Not neglectful disregard, like a child whose puppy has grown up and is too big to play with, but the 'oh, yeah, Tech is playing this weekend' disregard. I didn't think much about them until Thanksgiving weekend. Yeah, I reveled in beating them seven in a row. I didn't hesitate to pick at my Tech friends a bit. I enjoyed seeing Reggie Ball doing higher math. I learned the true depths of my wife's passion for Georgia football at the 2004 Tech game when we drove seven hours back from her parents to sit in a 35 degree rain, with her refusing to leave as Tech mounted a comeback...while she was six months pregnant. Tech, in a way provided some watershed moments for me.

It's just a game, dog.

Two of those moments occurred in the past year: November 29, 2008 and November 19, 2009.

You shouldn't have made fun of that dog.

Those two dates closed the loop for me. I now openly hate Tech. The loss to Georgia Tech last year showed me the true nature of Tech fans and my disdain for Tech. Yeah, you beat us and for that you got to gloat. And gloat you did. Hey, I respect that, but I don't have to like it. And I didn't. However, mocking UGA after he died was low rent. Trashy. Beyond pale. Oshea, while watching the game in New York, put the karma hex on a Tech fan in the bar and it stuck. She made fun pregame of UGA dying, and Tech's dream season came crashing down. Order was restored to all that is right and just. Georgia runs this state.

So while I get to revel in Tech losing to Georgia in football, men's AND women's basketball, Tech has again screwed me just a little. Now I have to listen to Big 10 folks crow how the Big 10 is relevant again due to Iowa's win against Georgia Tech.

Iowa All-American and radio personality Ed Podolak is happy he is done with Tech fans;
celebrates by looking where they certainly won't be.

Thanks Tech. I hate you just a little more now.

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  1. Nicely written. My own hatred of Tech stems from the late 90's, in those dark Donnan days.