Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hindsight is 20/20

Some gems from VolNation last January in a thread about what happens if Carroll leaves USC in a year.

Methinks UT fans underestimated Mike Garrett and UT fans:
"If Kiffin has the sort of success in Knoxville that would lead USC to even consider hiring him to replace Carroll, then at that point Vol fans should just say thank you and wish him well in Los Angeles. USC isn't going to hire him if he's going 9-3 at Tennessee."

I would have thought this, too:
"USC will go after Sarkisian first, not LK.'
Wonder if this sentiment holds today:
"...people coming after our coaches is a GOOD thing. And with the staff we have, it will be brought up EVERY year."

Not as much as you might think:

"Screw USC...He is a Vol and it will soon change the color of his blood as it has all of us and he will not want to go anywhere"

Final post from the original poster, this morning (yeah, Neyland is good for a win a year; thank goodness they didn't tear it down last night):
"I would have never guessed that I'd have my answer so soon. Screw him and the Trojan Horse he road in on. He can take his coaches too. As long as he didn't take Neyland stadium we'll be alright."

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