Sunday, January 31, 2010

Herschel wins MMA debut

Not so much a story, as much as Yahoo's resident NFL blogger's lack of knowledge about Walker's ability, drive or desire to succeed at everything.  I guess this guy didn't remember that Walker decided, at 31, to take up bobsledding, despite the fact that the only bobsled within 500 miles of Wrightsville is an actual guy in Adrian named Bob Sledd.
"But the real story is Walker. His athletic conditioning is freakish and almost beyond comprehension."
We've been saying that for years, dude. I also guess he missed his nearly making the summer games in sprint relay. Or on The Apprentice.

Number 34 
(Image: Getty Images)

Seriously, I don't know for certain if he'll become MMA champion, but he is still one of the best trained and most prepared, hardest working athletes in any sport ever.  Period.

And a DGD.

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  1. I can't tell by if Exilus Maximus supports this endeavor, but I'm certainly wishing Herschel would go back to bobsledding or something else. I don't care who you are, it's not if...but when somebody finally gets your number in this game.

    I don't consider this MMA crap to be a sport. It's outside the lines of anything that includes the word "sportsmanship." I know young Athenians are pretty pumped up about the whole thing because some kid from the Classic City is the poster boy for the league and this is the new wave activity that supplanted boxing.

    But when I think of all the things Herschel has done, I don't want the lasting impression to be one of him on a stretcher.