Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gators to Dawgs: Not so fast

Ok, I bought into the exuberance over the win last weekend. I admit that I had this game circled as a possible win for the Dawgs. Alas, it was not to be.

PWD at Georgia Sports Blog put it best: "The SEC schedule makers did UGA no favors in booking our first five conference games against the best five teams in the league." I agree with him; I like the schedule. First, anything aproaching .500 is a huge success considering the state the program was in and what we thought the likely development of the talent on this team was going to be (not saying it is bad, we just have been treated to a few years of no development of talent) against this schedule; Second, the young guys won't be in pants-crap mode when we travel to Gainesville or Lexington or Nashville next time, because they have been there, done that AND stood toe to toe with them; Third, get to 18-19 wins against this schedule, you are in the discussion for the NCAA tourney (yes, we are a ways from that).

Last night showed that the press can still create issues for Georgia. However, last night was the first game since Mizzu that Georgia didn't handle the press well at all. In November, I thought anyone that could press us would run us out of they gym, and that just hasn't happened nearly as much as I think it could have.

Saturday at South Carolina is a winnable game. We catch a team that has played hot and cold. They are coming off one of the biggest wins of their program. They have a coach with suspect hair. They also have a coach that believes in trapping and press and really making you run to stay with their offense, something Georgia has shown a bit of trouble handling at times.

Actually, I'm just jealous of the hair.

There are 11 games left, counting Saturday night in Columbia. By my count, there are five very winnable games in there (Arkansas, @Auburn, USC, Alabama, @LSU). There are two very difficult road games (@Vandy and @ UT). There are three home games will depend on how the crowd shows up and what Georgia learned from their early season schedule (Vandy, UK, UF). Then there is the game Saturday at South Carolina. Looking at this schedule, it isn't hard to see that Saturday is a HUGE game. Win the ones we should and sneak up on one of those tough home or road opponents, Saturday's game is the difference of being assured a winning record and needing to win at least two in the SEC tourney to get there.

What are your thoughts?

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