Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From the Cornfield

It is back, y'all. All the links that are worth your time, plus several that weren't worth mine.

  • I am not sure naming a sewage treatment plant is the right analogy for The Kiffer, but I like where this guy's head is at. Unless, of course, the treatment plant only works for one year and has the ability to take crap and make more (and worse) crap. Maybe a USC of the East treatment plant?
  • Nothing to see here, move along. At least that is what USC mouthpiece Tim Tessalone said about the report that The Kiffer wrecked his leased Lexus, then walked home. Hey, where I'm from, that gets you the dreaded "suspicion of..." dropped in the newspaper.
  • Rogers is taking his buddy Nash Nance to Knoxville. Here's hoping the Vol hostess were part of the posse that went West.
  • Biggest tank jobs? Gator flop is on there. Any number Cub Septembers are not.
  • Chris Low has his moments of the decade in the SEC. I like seeing Greene to Johnson on the list, but for my money the hobnail boot was bigger in terms of sea change in the SEC East.
  • The Big 11 list of the decade has the 2006 Michigan-Ohio State match-up number 2. It represents the high tide of the BCS era for the Big 11, IMHO.
Finally, a little Pete Carroll humor:

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