Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dawgs take on Gators

Georgia, after beating Tennessee on Saturday, travels to the O'Connell center tonight for a match up against the Florida Gators.

Florida is 14-5 (3-2) in the conference. In case you missed it, they have won two games with wing it up three pointer buzzer beaters from Chandler Parson, including one on Saturday night against South Carolina in Gainesville. This Florida team is dangerous, limiting teams to just a shade under 63 ppg. They also have looked uninterested at times, particularly in their win over NC State (the other Parson heave and a prayer game winner) and in their losses to Richmond and South Alabama.

So what happens tonight? Who knows. Tip off is 7pm Eastern. It is on This is a good game to gauge the ability of this Georgia team to handle success, against a good, but not great team, in a venue that is tough to play in. For my money, the construction and the way the fans are situated at the O'Dome make it one of the toughest road venues in the conference, up there with Vandy and UK.

I do know you need to guard Parson if the game is close at the end.

Bonus Question:
Q: Why was there talk about renaming the O'Connell Center the ConDome?

I'll take answers in the comments and post my reasons later in the day...

A: It has a rubber cover and it is full of di**s. Old South Georgia joke.


  1. If anything at UF should have CON in the title shouldn't it revolve around the football team, or is that too obvious?

  2. Udonis Haslem played basketball at Floria, so it works both ways.