Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringin' in da funk, noise and a brand new year

* Casa de Corndawg played host to Mr. & Mrs. Exile on New Year's Eve, and a great time was had by all. We played the "Tebow Drinking Game" while watching the action on TV and surprisingly, only had to do shots twice. Then again, it was the History Channel.

* Apparently, I had got my swerve on at one point, grooving to the beat of Hammer Toes or some such artist. Who knew the Corndawg was into Hip Hop?

* Once again, I have the con...The Exiles set sail this morning for the Midwest following a week's stay in the motherland and yours truly once again has command of the Southern HQ until the return of Exilus Maximus. In approximately 18 months, all of South Georgia will gather in a great festival at the triumphant return of his excellency. Fatted calves shall be slaughtered and bourbon will flow like great rivers. For now, though, it's a deliberate trek northward for the royal family. They will bunk in the Holy Land of Athens this eve and will no doubt be raising hell with Uncle Mark and the gang on the Eastside at some point.

*Other points to ponder: West Virginia, PLEASE lose the mustard yellow togs for good...JoePa, why the long face?...Godspeed, Bobby. Dadgummit....ESPN, stop pimping the NBA during bowl day! And fire Craig James!

Jimmycrackedcorndawg is currently enjoying the Capital One Bowl between Penn St. and Les Miles' damn fine football team.

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