Friday, January 8, 2010

BCS Championship Game Thoughts

  • Congrats to Alabama.  Anyone that wants to quibble about who should be National Champion, feel free.  Bama beat the number two team in back to back games.  They are the true national champion this season.  Whether it is seven or 22 championships, Alabama has put their claim in to be the greatest college program ever.
  • Boise State wouldn't have been on the field with either team.  That is all I'll say about that.
  • Mack Brown earned his $5mil last night. The Longhorns lost their star QB, then had the freshman backup struggle and throw two picks, one of them a crazy pick 6 on a shovel pass that was hot potatoed into the defender's hand, then proceeded to turn the ball over a couple of more times in the second half.  However, the game was very much in doubt with three minutes left on the back of the best defense Texas had played all year and that Gilbert to Shipley slant pass play that the 'Horns must have run 15 times in the second half.
  • Everyone is on about the fake punt being a dumb call, but if his punter throws the ball anywhere close to where he needed to, it goes for a score.   
  • If I were coaching football, I'd have a loop of Trent Richardson's runs in the second half constantly playing during strength and conditioning.  Only time will tell, but he and Ingram may be better than Williams/Brown at Auburn AND Jones/McFadden at Arkansas.  Those guys are specimens.
  • I am not sure the winner would have been different had Colt not gotten hurt, but it would have been a more interesting game.  It is altogether possible I would have thought Saban is the best in game adjuster around.
  • The numbers last night didn't bear this out (15/40, 186 yds, 2TD, 4 int), but Texas is in great hands with Garrett Gilbert.  He was much more composed in the second half.  He still made freshman mistakes, but he also made some fantastic throws.  Probably the prettiest throw he made was the drop in the endzone by Malcolm Williams in the second quarter.
  • Get better Colt.  Good luck in the NFL.
  • Was it me, or did Texas just decide to concede a TD on the play with Cody in the backfield?
  • Alabama's offensive line got called for one penalty (an offisides early in the game).  They ended the season by avoiding getting penalized for holding in the final 38 quarters of play.  That was just before halftime of the Kentucky game on October 3rd.  You can say what you want about great QBs or receivers, but great runners+disciplined oline play=great success.
  • Where does Saban go from here?  Ask Gene Stallings if great is good enough for Bama fans.  He won his championship in year three and was gone by year 6 after failing to get past the SEC championship game despite winning the West in four of five years.
  • I am really glad Fox didn't have this game, despite Herbstriet's growing ability shout like he is shilling something on QVC. 
  • Pete Carroll had a great audition for his gig on ESPN, though.
  • Finally, say what you want, four national championships in a row for one conference with three different teams is very impressive.  Think Mike Slive will crow a bit during commissioner's meetings?
It is snowing here, the temperature is hovering in the single digits, and the wind is blowing what is on the ground everywhere.  Football season is over and that makes the baby Tebow cry.  Congrats to Alabama!

When is G Day, again?

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