Friday, January 29, 2010

Ah, the weekend

As you can tell, I don't do a whole lot with signing day.  When I lived in Athens, I used to go to The Blind Pig and hang out, but that was as much about an excuse to drink and eat chicken wings on a random Tuesday afternoon than anything else.  I don't have the time or inclination to get too wound up about it, so I usually just pick a few blogs to read, realize that the vast majority of them will have something on whomever the hometown guy is and a woe is me approach about some kid from Opalika that is or isn't going to keep his committment.

Does that make me less of a football fan? Blogger? 

Nah.  I just don't like counting chickens until they hatch.  Yeah, I have written a thing or two about commitments, as has Jimmy Crackedcorndawg, however I have a laissez faire approach generally.  There are just too many variables to get too wound up over.   I like a good intrigue story, but in the end, the real deal happens when the guys that sign show up and put on pads. 

Maybe I am seeing it wrong and that is ok.  There are plenty of my friends that do get fired up about it and discuss it ad nauseam.  Which is fine.  I just think we place a bit too much pressure on these high schoolers and give them a bit of an entitlement mentality with the whole picking a hat out of a group of four or having a TV show about their recruitment.  If you want to keep up with it, Bernie has been doing a count down and doing it well.  Go check it out. 

Hey, I'll get excited about the class on signing day.  I always do.  However, it'll mean more in August. 

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