Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SEC Bowl Picture - One Blogger's View

Obviously, there are some things up in the air yet, but last weekend surely threw monkey wrenches in the bowl picture, yet offered clarity for others. On Saturday morning, Shreveport looked like they were going to lock up Georgia vs. Oklahoma in the Crapbucket of a Season Bowl. Instead, both the Dawgs and Sooners whipped their in-state rivals and likely moved to some place not as much in NW Louisiana as Shreveport (not that it is terrible, I have good friends there, but still...).

So, where does that leave us?

My best guesses, with caveats:

BCS Championship game: Winner of SEC Championship game vs. Texas/TCU/Cincy. Best guess is Alabama vs. Texas. Pitt losing to West Virginia didn't do Cincinnati any favors in passing TCU.

Sugar Bowl: Loser of SEC Championship game vs. Cincy/Pitt winner OR 2nd Big 10 team, probably Iowa. Best guess is Florida vs. Cincy.

Capitol One Bowl: LSU vs. Penn State/Iowa. Best guess is LSU vs. Penn State. Tiger fans can book RV rental spots for this one.

Cotton Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Oklahoma State. As much as a mortal lock, in my mind, as you have right now, two years in a row or not. (ED note: Not bad for a first guess...)

Outback Bowl: Tennessee vs. Northwestern/Wisconsin. Best guess is Vols vs. Northwestern, due to the Wildcats' win over the Badgers.

Peach Bowl: Georgia/South Carolina vs. Clemson/Virginia Tech. Best guess Georgia vs. Virginia Tech, unless Clemson beats the Jackets, then all hell breaks loose.*

Music City Bowl: Georgia/South Carolina vs. Florida State/North Carolina. Best guess South Carolina vs. North Carolina.*

*If Clemson beats Georgia Tech in the SchACCdenfreude Championship Game, then it might get ugly for Georgia. The Chic-fil-A Bowl is slotted for the number 2 ACC team, which would be Tech. IF that happens, you'll see a toss up with Tennessee and Georgia in the Outback and Chic-fil-A, with the possibility of South Carolina moving to Atlanta to play Georgia Tech and Georgia heading to Nashville. In a perverse way, we are rooting for Tech, unless you want to go to Nashville. The only other way it would work out is if the ACC decides it can get a better match up for Georgia Tech in the Gator Bowl, then they would have to step in and make a deal to move them 'down' to Jacksonville, although that'd be pretty unlikely. The only other factor is Tennessee's proximity to Nashville and the near certainty that they'd sell out The Coliseum.

Liberty Bowl: Arkansas/Auburn/Kentucky vs. Houston/East Carolina. Best guess is Arkansas vs. Houston, based solely on proximity of fan base for Arkansas and the potential offensive showcase this game would bring. The only way Georgia ends up here is if something really funky happens with the Cotton Bowl AND the SchACCdenfreude Championship Game.

Independence Bowl: Arkansas/Auburn/Kentucky vs. Missouri/Iowa State. Fugetaboutit: Auburn vs. Iowa State. Chizik bowl. Yeah, but they are Chizik's players at Iowa State...

PapaJohns.com Bowl: Arkansas/Auburn/Kentucky vs. South Florida/UConn. Best guess is Kentucky vs. UConn. Kentucky gets to play in Magic City in the Blue and White bowl.

Personally, I'd like to play anyone but Northwestern in the Outback or Boston College in Nashville. While I cannot make a Music City Bowl game due to family obligations, either the Outback or Chic-fil-A will mean bonus football for the Exiles, so I am obviously hoping for either of those.

Sound about right?

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