Saturday, December 12, 2009

Monkey is off Alabama's Back

Mark Ingram becomes the first ever Heisman winner from Alabama. He beat Toby Gerhart by 28 points in the closest ballot ever.

Colt McCoy was third, nearly 300 points back. Suh was fourth.

Not sure why Tebow got invited (as a potential recipient). He only got 309 votes, fewer than 100 more than Graham Harrell did last season, when he was snubbed for an invite to New York.

Congrats to Mark Ingram.


  1. Bad news for Alabama Paul PWG ?

    That is an utterly preposterous statement when Alabama is not being beat by cupcake playing Texas.

    Toby Gerhart LOST 4 games this season, against below average opponents. In fact, Stanford played the Official NCAA SoS Number 79. Clearly, the Heisman voters took into account that Toby Gerhart significantly put up far better numbers than did Mark Ingram, Junior, against a Strength of Schedule of 79 compared to Alabama’s SoS of Number 4.

    Mark Ingram, Jr., clearly had his Best Performances against the Top Opponents Alabama faced. And, Alabama Won Those Games.

    Heisman voting has been fickle at best to comprehend through the years. They have gotten it wrong more often than they have gotten it right. On this night, Alabama has their 1st Heisman Trophy, ever.

    Mark Ingram, Jr. has Trent Richardson on the same team, and Mark says Trent Richardson is the better running back. Stanford doesn’t have a 2nd running back, or threat on the entire 4-Loss against SoS # 79 football team. Trent Richardson has 6 TD and a 2-point conversion along with 14 receptions, rushing 126 times for 642 yards, over 5 yards per carry.

    Mark Ingram, Jr. significantly has a far better per rush average than does Toby Gerhart. He just didn’t get as many carries as Toby Gerhart.

  2. Toby 311 rush 1736 yd 26 TD 10 catch 149 0
    Mark 249 rush 1562 yd 15 TD 30 catch 322 3

    5.58 per Rush against SoS # 79 Toby Gerhart with 4 LOSSES.
    6.27 per Rush against SoS # 04 Mark Ingram with 0 LOSSES.

    Ingram is a much more accomplished receiver, in addition.

    Colt McCoy ? More of the same. Colt McCoy beat no team ranked in the BCS Top 18, while Mark Ingram and Alabama beat BCS # 5 BCS # 11 and BCS # 12. I do not belittle Texas and the Big XII from their chance to show now what they can do against the Heisman Trophy Undefeated in BCS National Championship Games SEC, but Colt McCoy did NOT beat anyone either. BCS # 19 and BCS # 22 are the only 2 ranked teams Texas beat. We all know BCS # 19 is Oklahoma State who fell flat on their faces, once the NCAA declared their Wide Receiver INELIGIBLE. Oklahoma State beat no ranked team all season. And, we all know BCS # 22 is Nebraska. These are the only 2 ranked Teams Texas beat. So, who did Nebraska beat this year ? No Top 25 either, just like Oklahoma State beat no Top 25 team. Supposedly, these 2 games prove that Texas is the Number 2 team in America. Well, it wasn’t good enough to get Colt McCoy the Heisman Trophy, was it ?

    Texas beat Ok State and Nebraska, neither of whom beat any ranked team.

    Those are Texas’ only wins on the season.


    Alabama beat LSU who faces Penn State, neither of them beat any Top 25 team.

    And, Alabama beat Florida who beat LSU who beat no Top 25 team.

    Alabama beat Florida, Virginia Tech and LSU.

    Texas beat Nebraska and Oklahoma State who will both lose their bowl games, and neither will be ranked.

    LSU and Florida are most assuredly going to be ranked in the Final AP Poll by comparison.

    The Nod goes to Alabama. Alabama played a far tougher schedule than Stanford or Texas, and had a far better season.

    Why did Mark Ingram, Jr. win Alabama’s 1st Heisman Trophy ?

    Because the voters got it wrong on John Hannah, Ozzie Newsome, Woodrow Lowe, Cornelius Bennett, DT Derrick Thomas, Harry Gilmer, Lee Roy Jordan, Shaun Alexander, Kenny the snake Stabler, Bart Starr, Broadway Joe Willie Namath…

    22 SEC Championships and 17 National Championships, and now finally 1 Heisman Trophy Winner. Had Heisman Voters waited until after the season, Alabama would have already had now 17 Heisman Trophies.

    More than anything else, Heisman voters require the Winner to be a Winner, not on a Losing Team or on a team playing cupcakes all season long, which in the end did in both Colt McCoy and Toby Gerhart.

    The Heisman Trophy is a Who’s Who of Nobodies because the Heisman Trophy votes go out before the National Championship Game is played. When the Heisman Trophy is voted on January 8th, with no votes allowed post-marked prior, Alabama would have earned at least 17 Heisman Trophies.

    Certainly 11 by all accounts.

  3. Well, I guess by part of your argument, we should take Tebow's 2007 Heisman away, since he played on an 8-4 team? I grant Ingram had a great season, but I just think Gerhart's was more impressive.

    I also think St. Timmy shouldn't have been invited.

  4. I wasn't aware Bama had 17 national championships. That's pretty damn impressive. Let's not stop with that list of Heisman winners though - Tyler Watts, Freddie Kitchens, Andrew Zow, and JPW - all cheated out of their awards as well.

    You can't compare Ingram to Gerhart and say Ingram is better b/c his team lost 4 less games - Gerhart is Stanford's team, while Ingram plays on a great team that is about to win the national title. By that logic Greg McElroy, Andy Dalton, Kellen Moore, Colt, and Ingram should have been the only people under consideration.

    I had no problem when Tebow won in 2007 with 3 (soon to be 4) losses - he was the best player with the best numbers. If record matters, lets rename the award "best player on the best team." The award goes to the best player. Was Barry Sanders not deserving - his team lost 2 games, and Tony Rice, a great player as well, went undefeated. Doesn't mean he deserved the award more than Sanders.

    Anyone voting for Tebow should have their vote permanently revoked. They either watched zero football all year, or fail to realize that it's not a lifetime achievement award. Either way - egregious. All 43 of them (or 42 + St. Timmy, since I'm guessing he voted for himself).