Saturday, December 26, 2009

Life will go on for Gators

It appears Urban Meyer just gave the Georgia Bulldogs and the rest of the SEC East a late Christmas present.

Predictably, there are rampant theories abounding everywhere as to the “real” reason for Meyer’s unexpected resignation. But the man says he's sick, so I see no reason to challenge that right now.

This is far from the first time we've seen the likes of such sudden developments. Remember Bill Parcells leaving the Giants? But it's also pointless right now to wonder if and when Urban coaches again.

Yes, some UF commitments are likely to jump ship. There is also the danger of underclassmen jumping ship to the NFL. But with Mack Brown (the Gators’ prospect, not the Texas coach) saying he’s staying put, there’s still lots to be optimistic about in Gainesville.

The UF job is a plumb job. Anyone without a good reason (like Bob Stoops) would be crazy not to want it. He once again finds himself all alone at the top of the potential replacements list. Regardless of whether Stoops stays put at Oklahoma, he is likely to get a raise in 2010. Stay or go? I see no downside to his predicament. It must be good to be Bob Stoops.

Just as when Steve Spurrier left in 2001, Mike Shanahan stands to be on the Gators' short list, and, perhaps Spurrier himself. I disagree with Mark Bradley, who claims Spurrier will not get a call. I think that scenario is at least conditional.

The way I see it, if Jeremy Foley gets a couple of nays off the bat, he’s got to exhibit better staying power than in ’01, when he panicked and hired Ron Zook. I think we all remember how well that went over with the Gator Nation. If that happens again, Foley could do far worse this time than bringing in Spurrier as an “interim Pope” for a few seasons. The Old Ball Coach is hardly what we’d call a “retread.”

But again, who wouldn’t want the UF job?

I agree with Exilus Maximus that Kyle Whittingham would be a very attractive choice for UG, considering his familiarity with Urban’s system. The timing of the move certainly doesn’t lend itself to the benefit of former Gator coordinators Dan Mullen and Charlie Strong. I’m sure they’re still getable, but each would lose face by bailing from their respective posts so early, especially Strong.

In this on-demand age where no grass grows beneath empty shoes at big-time college football posts, it might do well for UF to wait a week or two if that’s how long it takes to get the next coach genius.

Jimmycrackedcorndawg is a contributing writer and longtime contemporary of Bulldog In Exile.


  1. Exilus! Looks like somebody got a new title for Christmas. It sounds like a mix between Dante and Gladiator.