Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Things I'm thankful for:
  • My wife and kids. I am too lucky to have a wife that loves college football and basketball as much as I do, puts up with a husband that enjoys playing golf and softball, understands (well puts up with) a twisted sense of humor, and is a stone cold fox. It is a bonus that she can dish out as well as she gets, is smart and a great mom.
  • My family. My parents are still kicking, my brother and sister and their respective others are wonderful people (despite the fact that my brother married an Aubie) and my nieces are well adjusted. My sister has done great things with her life, despite all the things she did to set her self back earlier in life and her academic struggles. My brother has just completed another degree (congrats!) and is now one up on me. I'm proud of both of them and all they have accomplished.
  • My friends. Jimmy Cracked Corndawg has been there since grade school. Thanks and I am glad you have finally found your calling and an awesome wife. Brad, who is Bad and Nationwide, thanks for the travels this year. It has been a blast. Hope you can make the trip to Louisville for the first weekend in May. The tailgate crew (travel edition) has had a great year and it is always good to see my Dawg friends on the road. Thanks for keeping me connected to the Dawgs. To the rest of the 'boys,' thanks for helping make a busy year at work more tolerable.
Finally, I am thankful to be a Georgia Bulldog. Here's to a great 2010.

Go Dawgs!

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