Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From the Cornfield - Illinois hiring

Since I am closer than anyone that I can think of to the University of Illinois football program (geographically)...that actually cares about college football, I should share some Illini news that could touch the Bulldogs.

Just to catch you up, a few days ago, the Zooker drank a case of RedBull, swam across the Sangamon wearing a meat helmet, jogged up I-74 naked, and had breakfast. He then got a call from Ron Geunther telling him to fire a bunch of folks. I suspect Gunther wasn't specific in who, just that he had to fire some people.

So the Zooker basically fired anyone with coordinator in his title or anyone dealing with skill positions on offense. Well, skill being relative.

Now they have hired Paul Petrino, who looks suspiciously like his brother Bobby but goes to my barber, from the Razorbacks as their Offensive Coordinator.

I'm here from Louisville Atlanta Arkansas and I'm here to help.

I applaud the quick hirings by the Zooker. He is on the hotest of seats and is only continuing to coach because Illinois doesn't have the kind of donor base Notre Dame does, so they are stuck with paying Zook for a solid 9-3 season that got the Illini (thank to the pusses at the BCS being afraid of Jim Delany) to the Rose Bowl.

Now, it looks like the Illini are about to hire Vic Koening as the Defensive Coordinator. The rumor is that they are afraid of 'other schools' making a strong push for him and are willing to pay nearly 500K.

I am not saying I think Mark Richt should move this quickly. First, Illinois has nothing to do but hire coaches and recruit players right now. Second, Georgia is in a very different place, but from a quality of life and quality of program standpoint. Richt has the luxury of moving more deliberately. I agree with PWD that this hire has all of the makings of an 'intriguing' hire, one that we are all impressed with, but never saw coming.


As an aside, the wife asked if Illinois sent their coaches to some wierd voice coach that specializes in raspy voice exasperation.

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'

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