Friday, December 18, 2009

Craziest Sports Moment for the Dawgs this Decade

As we close another decade, I began thinking about the decade that was for Georgia Athletics. The highs, such as kicking off the 'aughts (double zeros? 00s?) with a record 25 point come back against Purdue in the Outback Bowl and the lows such as Jimmy Harrick, Jr's tests.

I also got to thinking about the craziest stuff we have seen this decade (the 25 point comeback was the impetus for this) and decided to list what I thought were the five craziest things to happen this decade (to put it another way, the top five WTF moments) in Georgia Athletics.

Below is the list we (The Wife, Jimmy Cracked Corndawg and I) came up with. Be sure to vote in the poll on the top left.

1. Mike Patrick ♥s Brittany. Overtime in the Georgia-Alabama game in 2007. Bama kicked a FG in their possession in OT. Richt goes for the jugular. Scott Howard gets his signature "One and done, baby!" Mike Patrick, on the other hand, is reading People in the booth.

    2. Reggie Ball's math skillz. In 2004, the Dawgs jump out to a 16-0 lead in the cold rain in Athens. Tech is on the comeback trail, only down by 3 with a minute or so left in the game when Reggie Ball spikes the ball on third down. Then comes the play. He rolls to his right and finding no receiver open, nearly throws the ball to me in Section 121. Engineering school, my foot. I mean...really?

    "It's just a game, dog."

    3. The Adams family calling police on basketball players showing up at the President's house after Mike Adams banned the basketball team from postseason play. Hey, you can debate the merits of the decision to go ahead and ban the men's basketball team from post-season play all day long (I thought it was a bit harsh, and hypocritical considering some of the actions taken by the enforcer....). You cannot debate the pussfest that followed, with Mike Adams refusing to directly address the team and throwing Vince Dooley under the bus in the media. Not the best moment, in a career of pussfest moments, for Mikey. Then those scary black men showed up at the President's mansion.

    (openly scammed from The Red and Black)

    4. Cuddlegate. Boys will be boys, but try to make sure there isn't evidence. No one thinks Matt Stafford any less a man after seeing him in Detroit, but the spring of '07 was a tough one for the Dawgs when pictures of Matty and Joey living it up in 'Dega surfaced. Fortunately, neither were seen drinking from the keg, although having pictures of one spooning the other is never good.

    Dude, you got spooned at 'Dega.

    5. SEC Basketball Championship run in 2008. Tornado, four wins in three days (including two overtime games), cutting the nets in Alexander Memorial Coliseum. The only truly shocking thing about the tournament was Georgia, playing as the sixth seed from the East, winning it all, preserving Felton's job. For three days in March, Felton's Dawgs played to the promise of his discipline and schemes. The shock was that it was the only four game SEC win streak of Felton's tenure.

    Sundiata was named MVP of the tourney.

    So that is my five top WTF moments in Georgia Athletics for the decade. Tell me what I missed in the comments below.

    Honorable Mention
    • Richt's Clock management issues his first season.
    • Udonis Hasslam hitting law student Jay Ernst in the schnoz.
    • Jeff Dantzler discussing the preferred color of undergarments of Diamond Darlings on air...with Coach Dooley's grandson in the booth with him.
    • Beckham's shot heard around Georgia in NCAA tourney.
    • Kid with one thumb nearly single handedly beats Georgia in CWS.
    • Gym Dawgs win five championships in a row.
    • 2000 Outback bowl comeback.
    • Quincy Carter.


      1. Tony. I think this was 2005, but remember when Georgia was playing Georgia Tech to get into the College World Series. That was the most epic 3 game series ever.

        Also Dupont was was training me on baseball broadcasts the day Dantzler decided to have his....birds and bees talk with Dooley's grandson. Talk about a helluva training experience.

      2. Mikey Henderson throwing away a touchdown.

      3. 2002....David Pollack's touchdown at South Carolina. That was seriously a "WTF" moment!