Friday, December 18, 2009

Coaching updates - Views from the Prairie


There is much trepidation in Illini land. Let's put aside the basketball game in Duluth tomorrow night for a moment; they are upset that Georgia is trying to 'steal' their new DC.

Now, I normally wear red and black on Fridays, a habit I started when I worked at UGA and have continued here. I made a point of wearing Dawg gear today, since the Illini and Dawgs are squaring off tomorrow night in the sport so many Mid-westerners actually care about. I had no idea some would see it as an intentional dig at the emerging coaching situation. Not that I am not relishing it.

It does say something about the state of affairs here, and the value others assign to the stature of Georgia football, that the Illini partisans are thinking they are pulling off a coup by 'taking' Koenning away from Georgia. I have assured them that if Georgia wanted Koenning, he'd already have his kids enrolled in Athens Academy. Having said that, I don't have any more information than I had the other day, which is to say everyone here thinks Koenning is a done deal, they expect him to be at the press conference in Champaign today and that ESPN's tweeters are either making it up or getting information from people outside of Butts-Meher and Bielfeldt.

To that end, I am working the phones here to see what I can find out. If possible, I am going to sneak off to the presser Illinois has planned at1pm. Absent that, I am stuck looking at Joe Schad's tweets, like everyone else.

UPDATE: You can watch it live here (2pm Eastern).

UPDATE 2.0: Presser still scheduled. AD Ron Guenther scheduled to speak to the press, as well.

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  1. I totally agree with your assessment. Richt is lining up all kinds of contingency plans. I bet nothing happens until after the MNC game.