Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bowl Picture Update

Earlier I made some predictions on the bowl picture. Obviously, that was based on my limited understanding and the normal protocol for selecting teams.

I got one dead on. Ole Miss will play Okie State in the Cotton Bowl. That doesn't do anything for or to Georgia.

However, the Outback will pass over Tennessee and take Auburn. That has serious ramifications for Georgia. First, it doesn't seem to me that Tennessee will fall past the Music City Bowl. The Chick-Fil-A has a priority to pick over the Music City and having UT and Virginia Tech (the likely match up right now) play seems most likely (although, Georgia vs. Virginia Tech is not a bad matchup either). If that happens, SC or Kentucky gets the Music City Bowl, since the folks in Shreveport (so I have seen in other blogs) don't want the Cocks there. Kentucky, apparently is a bad selection for the Papajohns.com bowl, due to basketball conflicts, so that leaves SC more likely than not in that game.

Arkansas will be in Memphis. The people there cannot let Arkansas get by them, purely for ticket sales purposes.

The one wrench outstanding is the SchACCdenfreude Championship Game and what happens to the loser, especially if it is Tech. Will Tech get rolled down to the Champs Sports Bowl? I thought it was unlikely they go to the Gator if they lost, but Bowden's retirement and his ability to call his bowl shot might just do that. To me, it seems FSU wasn't a terrible fit for the Champs Sports Bowl, but they went last year and Bobby wants Jacksonville, so it seems he'll get what he wants.

What does all this mean? Hell, I don't know. My best guess is that the Dawgs will play in the Music City or Chick-fil-A Bowl, although with the way things have gone this season, don't be surprised if the conference and the bowls pull an Al Ford and send us to Shreveport. Not that Shreveport is so terrible, but of the 7-5 teams in the conference, who has the toughest schedule and win over the highest ranked team? Just sayin'.
UPDATE: Looks like Shreveport. UK to Music City (for the third time in four years) and Tennessee to Atlanta.

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