Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vulcan Park has seen it's share of troubled times

I am way past looking for causes and feeling the need to assign blame. As I type that, I am thinking of 35 things I want to put here looking at causes and assigning blame. Yeah, I am just that torn and frankly, I don't know what to do about it.

Birmingham became a distinct possibility last night. Yeah, we won't finish at the very bottom, but with the way teams are bunched together and the picking rules being what they are, it could happen. Not the separation from the 'wad' that Coach Richt wanted.

I'll probably not go back and look at the game today. I don't have the emotional energy. We out gained UK by 227 yards. We held the football six minutes longer. We out rushed them by nearly 75 yards. Regretfully, we made sure we grabbed a commanding lead in the two things we've been leading the conference in, turnovers and penalties.

A couple of thoughts:
  • Congratulations to the Seniors.
  • To the students that decided to leave early instead of sticking around for this game, whatever dude. The Red and Black editor better have his righteous indignation on for that.
  • Orson Charles in the first half=money.
  • Special teams=not very special (well, the actual punts and place kicks were good).
  • It seems fitting that two of the turnovers were freshmen (being charitable about the 'toss sweep' fumble) and two were from seniors. I don't know why, though.
  • Only one person thought that was a toss sweep We could find out more today about that, but Ealey taking the blame there seems premature (and quite mature).Huh. A toss sweep
  • Smith returning the football is always exciting. That isn't always good. Hopefully, the special teams coaches will teach him to put both hands on the ball at contact. Interesting theory, special team coaches.
  • Bobo and Martinez got out coached by some Joker and Steve Brown, especially in the second half. The screen pass for the TD looked entirely too similar to the rushing TD at the end of the LSU game. If it was a toss sweep, then why are we running a toss sweep to the short side of the field from the one?
  • I threw away my hat. Just completely fired it. I also am retiring that black shirt. It was a good shirt, but the past two times I have worn it....
  • All I can do is shrug when someone asked me how it seems we regressed. Again. Perhaps it seems that way because we have?
In the end, I have to take my hat off to Kentucky (if I actually still had one). They took advantage of the turnovers, played solidly within themselves and kept doing what was working and limited mistakes. The halftime adjustments were solid. Not that you can scheme for getting the ball inside the 10 yard line twice in a half on a platter, but you had plays ready to call in both situations.

Tech is in six days. We've gotta shake this off and get ready. Hate week is here.

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