Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thoughts on the BCS, week of November 23

Well, nothing to see here. No real changes from last week. This season, there is a ton less drama, since there are two undefeated SEC teams ranked 1-2 and three more solid undefeated teams right behind them.

That being said, with a couple of the key games to be played in the Big East and SEC going down in the next few weeks, plus the conference championships to be played yet, I wanted to look at the teams still in contention.

Win and in (or lose one, but win the SEC Championship and in).
Florida/Alabama: Nothing to see here, move along.

Just win baby.
Texas: The Longhorns don't have the leeway the SEC teams have. Thanks Big 12 North! Lose to A&M and a Fiesta Bowl against Boise State is as good as it gets...unless Cincy and TCU lose, too.

Will someone please lose?
Cincinnati: Cincy has two tougher games remaining than TCU (Illinois, snicker, and at Pitt) That cuts both ways, though. A loss in either and the best they can hope for is the Orange Bowl.

TCU: A legit BCS championship contender team from a non-BCS conference. They have to win convincingly at home against New Mexico to stay in the conversation. Realistically, Fiesta or Sugar is as good as it will get.

Never gonna happen.
Georgia Tech: If Texas loses the Big 12 championship game, Cincy doesn't win out, TCU doesn't win out, Boise State doesn't win out and Tech wins the ACC, then Tech has a 'shot' at playing in Pasadena. That is assuming Tech beats Georgia, which I refuse to do.

Pitt: Obviously, they have to beat West Virginia and Cincinnati. They also need some other stuff to happen that involves multiple losses by the SEC champion, a Big 12 loss by Texas and a Georgia Tech loss.

Boise State: I personally don't think they would go over any one loss ACC champ or a two loss SEC champ.

I didn't bother listing any of the two loss teams, as they have NO chance of getting into the BCS Championship at this point. The best conference, top to bottom is the Pac Ten, but they all have at least two losses, so no love in this discussion is warranted.


No, Pasadena is that way y'all (Image:ESPN)

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  1. I'd love to see Cincy and TCU meet. Kelly's offense lights up the scoreboard and Bumpas' defense is lights out.

    Sumpin' havta give...

    It'd be a much better game than floriDuh and Tejas.