Monday, November 23, 2009

A Taste of Rationality

Coach Richt is getting slammed, rightfully so, on the blogs, airwaves, newspapers and (presumably, I don't look there) the message boards.  The issues with this team run much deeper than a QB that has not lived up to expectaions, a sloven devotion to a kickoff scheme that fails to yeild the desired results, the lack of the ball bouncing their way, or the continued inability to keep from committing dumb penalities.  Certianly, coaching is an issue.

I am not saying Coach Richt should be fired.  Not even close.  I remain in the 'who are we going to get that we want leading the team instead' camp.  Not in a vague rationalization way, but in a semi-objective, he has led us there and can again way.  Maybe the right question is does he want to?

I will also say that decisions regarding the coaching staff should remain his decisions.  However, he has to know that sticking with some of them means an all-in bet that he and they are able to coach up the talent we have to play at the level they can. 

The rational side of Bulldog in Exile wants to kick Tech's ass, even if it means giving up 66 points.  The rational side also knows the odds of that happening are pretty slim, considering.  The irrational side of me thinks we can do it, if by simply playing to win, instead of playing not to lose.  The play this year consistently reminds me of a poker player that is so afraid of making a bad decision that he messes up the average decisions.  Football, like poker, is a game of margins.  All-in with AA over KK makes for exciting play, but the vast majority of money is made by making correct call, raise or fold decisions on random hands.  Yeah, we all love to see the 60 yard TD strike, but execution on the random 2nd and 6 is more likely to have a long term impact, if for no other reason than it is a more common occurrence.  In that vein, if we simply execute commonly, we will have a chance to win Saturday night.

The blame for that starts with the Head Coach and goes all the way down to the players.

Finally, anyone that expects him to say anything beyond coach speak at this point is just plain out of touch.  I mean, even Charlie Weis was giving platitudes and refused to throw anyone under the bus today.  Notre Dame, in case you haven't been watching, is 6-5, playing a Big East schedule.  CWeis was given a couple of questions to defend himself or assert blame generally, but refused to do so.  Anything about Mark Richt that makes you think he would do anything different?

Tech is looking to embarrass Georgia Saturday night, and it is more important to them to do so than to win the ACC.  I absolutely believe that.  Nothing would make this year feel better than to ruin theirs.

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  1. I don't even know what to think anymore. I just wonder if it is time to start again fresh - I've alway supported CMR but Kentucky? At home? And a sure to be embarassing game against Tech in a few days?