Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Morning QB

Quick thoughts on the win:
  • Anyone that thinks this team doesn't believe in each other is flat out stupid. After going down 14 zip with no resistence at all or help from the offense, the Dawgs held Auburn to just a shade under 200 yards and gained over 350.
  • It felt more like the South Carolina game than the Arkansas game. Actually, it felt like the good parts of both, since I wasn't really worried about Auburn scoring a TD to tie it. Looking back, it probably could have been more like 17 points instead of 7.
  • This is the first game this season that Willie made in game on the fly adjustments to what an offense was throwing at him. He started pressing the recievers and moving the LBs to give edge pressure/run help after the two easy TDs. The result: just three points from the Auiburn offense. Great job, coach.
  • I am not sure what happened at the end of the first Q, but after Coach Richt got onto Montez Robinson on the personal foul, the team actaully played looser and smarter. I am not really sure what happened with the personal foul, since ESPN wasn't on their game, at all, last night.
  • I have to give props to Bobo, too. I believe he Malzahned Ted Roof. His play calling was easily the most imaginative this season. Getting the right players in the game for the right plays help.
  • Congrats Joe. The int monkey is off your back. Overall, an effective game.
  • Mad props to the offensive line. Big holes for the RBs, usually good time for Joe to throw, you listened to Joe's count instead of the defense's count.
  • Anyone think we could lose AJ when we are down and still win?
  • Isreal Troup. Way to step up!
  • The future is today, y'all. Troup, both Kings, Ealey, Walsh, Butler, Boykin, Houston, Nick Williams and BSmith all had big games.
  • Jon Fabris, the kickoff return for a TD is all on you. A ball kicked eight yards deep is easily the best way to prevent a long return. A ball kicked to 'a spot' isn't. Don't believe me? We have a two seasons of past results to prove it.
  • AJ, get better soon.
  • To me, the turning point of the game was Geno's sack at the end of the first Q that gave the Dawgs their first three and out. The next drive, King rushes for six on the first play, AJ catches a couple of passes (and gets hurt) and Cox hits Troup with his nicest pass since the Arkansas game.
  • Not taking any credit, but I changed my shirt and drink at the start of the second quarter.  Just sayin'.
  • The boos. Thankfully, I only heard them once. Stay home and shut up if that is all you have.
  • On the other hand, as they were carting Bacarri off, he went by some of the recruits sitting down in the East end zone. You could see their eyes light up when the crowd was chanting for him and he gave them a little hand move. It was the antithesis of 1999.
  • Rambo! Rambo! Rambo! Glad you are going to be ok, kid.
Go Dawgs!

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  1. What a great game! I nearly turned off the radio feed when we went down by two TDs, thought it was going to be another Tennessee. Glad to see the Dawgs put one together.