Monday, November 2, 2009

Quick Poll - Rennie's fingers in St. Timmy's eyes

Thanks to O'Shea, not sure where it originated, but it is pretty funny.

POLL: Rennie Curran goes for the eye gouge on Tebow.... what happens?

Someone brought this up in another thread..... what happens if Curran gets caught on camera trying to eye gouge Tebow H. Christ?
 SEC gives lifetime ban to Curran
 NCAA gives the death penalty to UGA
 Gary Danielson has a heart attack live on the air
 Florida fans would crash the Rivals servers
 Four refs would have dislocated shoulders from throwing their flags so fast
 Curran would be struck down by lightning right on the field
 Everyone in the nation's ears would be bleeding from all the talk about this
 All of the above
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