Sunday, November 1, 2009

On the Helmets

It wasn't the helmets.  If you are mad about that, then you didn't see the same game I saw or are just looking for something to be mad about beyond the same things you have been mad about for eight games. 

Coach Richt is right, if you try something and win, you are genius.  If you try something and you lose, then you are an idiot.  The problem wasn't the black helmets.  The black jerseys didn't lose Alabama or win Auburn and the Sugar Bowl before that.  I WISH the problem were as simple as the helmets. 

Coach Richt recognized he was going to need extra effort out of his team to beat a good, not great, Florida team.  I'll have more on that effort, but I don't fault him for thinking something different might help.  We can find plenty of fault for other decisions, but using the helmets as a focal point of your detestation is foolish.  It is like being mad about the color scheme of Kyle Petty's race car.  I just don't think it matters.


  1. I don't find anyone blaming the uniform for the loss. The problem is the uniform was atrocious in general and why should you need that for the Georgia-Florida game?

    If we have to get new uniforms to get fired up to play #1 Florida then we have more problems than we think.

    And for the record, I would personally still be embarrassed at that helmet even if we won.

    We are GEORGIA. Not Texas Tech.

  2. It's not the's what's in them; and we're not very well coached.
    Question and I'm being serious: When was the last time a UGA defender actually broke up a pass attempt? The other QB either throws a bad pass, the received drops the ball, or it's a catch.
    When the defensive scheme is horrible and the DC coaches the DB's who are horrible; what's the simple conclusion? Willie must go!!!!
    We have too much talent not performing up to their potential.
    I said this earlier today and it kills me to say it; but CUM beat us with his players and I bet he could bring his staff to Athens for a month and beat the Gators with our UGA players. His teams are prepared, they attack, and play to win. We react, aren't prepared, and play not to lose.
    I guess we had 9 guys on the field for their long field goal. The two players who weren't on the field should be benched for the next game and run every morning at 5am. The special teams coach should be punished as well. It's all about accountability; and it doesn't seem like we have any. Evans makes so many mistakes and continues to play....I don't get it.

    All I can say is it's another year of living in Fla and dealing with the Gator fans. They should be happy about their team and program though.
    If CMR doesn't make wholesale changes this winter, I'm ready for him to go.
    The coaches from Cincy, Boise, and TCU would probably love the opportunity in Athens.
    At least you live in Champaign where there aren't very many Gator fans!!

  3. I'm going to take the minority position of liking the helmets, I like alternative uniforms for special occasions. Why not? And of course they have absolutely no impact on the game. We sucked as we have most of the year and we would suck if we were wearing the standard away uniforms. We would have sucked if we were wearing orange and blue. There's a systemic problem and I don't know how it is going to get fixed, but I'm pretty sure it is time to start talking about some changes from the top down.

  4. Annon at 5:42,

    I'll trade you, right now. There are enough Florida fans around to make me miserable, not that I don't feel for you there. As for your other questions, there is no doubt we have a long way to go to catch up with other teams' schemes and coaching. Boykin and Smith are pretty solid cover corners. It is amazing to me that Bacari Rambo isn't playing more. As for the FG, I saw that happening and all I can say is that it looked like it was a mixup on the call...again. Punt return vs FG cover. Logan Gray was back. What's he gonna do? Fair catch a returnable FG? The lack of focus on special teams is illustrative of a staff wide lack of coaching discipline. This was Georgia/Florida, not the Red and Black Game.