Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mumme Poll Ballot Week 9

My ballot for the Mumme Poll.

Top five (in alphabetical order):


My next seven (in alphabetical order):

Boise State
Georgia Tech
Penn State
Southern Cal

Quick thoughts...
  • Not sure if I like having to vote for 12. Right now I could have easily left SC and Penn State off.
  • Other teams considered (by considered, I mean I definately didn't want to have to rank them): Pitt, Houston, and Utah.
  • Another moving week: Bama vs. LSU.
  • Anyone besides me hate ranking Iowa in the top five? Just win remains the motto, but asslin' around with lesser opponents will get you beat. It should tell you just how weak the Big 10 is that Stanzi can throw as many ints in one quarter as Georgia did in their game against Florida and still win.
  • Yet, I am forced to put a meh Penn State team on my ballot, too.
  • Two loss teams I looked at: Arizona, Oklahoma State, Cal.

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