Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miles to go before we sleep

Wofford did what they almost did last year, defeating Coach Fox's Dawgs in Stegman tonight 60-57.  I obviously didn't get to the game and only have the box score to go on, but the difference was easy to see.  Georgia shot just 55% from the FT line and was 2-14 from behind the arc.

We all knew going in that Georgia needed a shooter.  Leslie and Thompkins are both tough underneath (they accounted for 31 of Georgia's 57 points tonight).  Ware is ok handling the ball, but when the opposing D zones us to death, which makes all the sense in the world considering options one and two are low post monsters, we have to have someone step up outside.  Tonight that didn't happen.

Give Wofford credit.  They gave Pitt all they could handle up there and are expected to contend for the SoCon title.  There is no doubt Coach Fox has some work cut out going through the season.  Starting off with getting competent from the free throw line will help tremendously.
Go Dawgs. 

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  1. Yep. You nailed it.

    I guess there is nothing free about freethrows.