Monday, November 2, 2009

Looking back, looking forward.

I had originally planed on writing a long laundry list of things about this game that just makes me nuts. The helmets and pants are not on that list. While it was fun to see the running game finally get moving, something I obviously didn't think would happen, in the end, lack of discipline and a piss poor game plan ruled the day.

Joe Cox personally took much of the blame for this game, as he should. The interceptions were the more damaging to his case. The delay of game penalty on the early drive is actually more illustrative of his issues. He is billed as the knowledgeable and undisputed senior leader of the team. He is nearly two years older than everyone else on the team. Under no circumstance, save the coaches messing something up, should he allow the play clock to get below 2 seconds. Sorry, I can over look alot of issues; that one is not forgivable. Doing so creates this mindset that the little things don't matter, that there is no urgency to pay attention to detail. That showed through time and again on stupid personal fouls and jumping off sides. Also, I think we answered the Logan Gray question.

So, that leaves the defense. In the post linked above, I mentioned being upset over the helmets being akin to getting upset over the color scheme on Kyle Petty's race car. Think of Kyle Petty as a say, a defensive coordinator given terrific players. Kyle Petty, especially early in his career, was given access to the best equipment, research and funding available. He struggled to win due to his inability to adjust to the improving quality of driver on NASCAR. Well, and he wasn't a very good driver. That is where Georgia is defensively. The defensive game plan looked staggeringly like the one we had against Oklahoma State, which makes sense in some bizzaro world since that was the most mobile QB we'd faced to date. The problem was our D got out schemed that game by the Okie State offense. My question remains, if it didn't stop Robinson, how could it possibly stop Tebow?

The more glaring issue is that Georgia had a defensive scheme that has been proven to work against a similar team in their playbook, but decided not to use it. In 2007, the defense came in with a must stop Tebow approach. They mixed up coverage and called run blitz and stunts that kept Timmy on his heels. I just didn't see much of that and certainly didn't see any aggression. Hey, St. Timmy made terrific plays throughout the game (the pass to Riley Cooper for the second TD was one of the best throws and catches I have seen this season). He also made plays when he was given them (I'm thinking the first TD where the CB bites on the possible run, imagine that, and let's his guy go free, while the safety is loitering aimlessly around the goal line waiting for something to happen). Incredible.

Was it me or did it seem that Florida just seemed to always be able to find the holes in the zone defense? Always knew where to run the football and when? Did it seem that St. Timmy knew instinctively which receiver was going to be most open, just by looking at our formation? Are the tendencies of Georgia's defense so obvious, so rote, that a smart football player can look at film and figure it out? It sure felt like it.

So where do we go from here?

I like some of the quotes I'm hearing about looking at personnel. I'd have to say anyone but AJ Green and Rennie Curran should be nervous. I guess I am too jaded to put stock in any coordinator or position coach talking about looking at themselves and making changes. Hey, they had two weeks for that and not much changed. Georgia has talent being squandered on the defensive side of the ball. Why? I'll leave that to someone else to figure out, but I have my thoughts. Also, the revamped offensive line looked much better, but it sure seemed last year's line was better, with less talented players and less depth. I guess we can only go up, right? Anyone?

Ok, so this did kind of devolve into a rant. I apologize for that. I needed the catharsis of getting that off my chest. At the beginning of the season, I looked at the Tennessee Tech game and thought it was weird that we were playing them in November. Now, I am glad. No, I am not proud of that.

We have stuff to play for this year. I am not in the "September 2010 is my next game" crowd. I'll have more on that later. Right now, all I've got is that I'd rather be a Georgia fan than any other fan in the world. If that means I am an incurable homer, so be it.

Go Dawgs.

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