Sunday, November 29, 2009

I run

A simple sentence.

"The State"

A simple statement.

Together, it demonstrated the mindset and determination of the two players with these statements on their eye black and the entire Georgia football team. This is our state and we run. Ealey and King stepped into the breach to make it happen. The offensive line made that breach by blowing Tech off the ball time and again. Joe Cox, the anti-running QB, blew up a Tech player on a designed QB bootleg, lowering his shoulder and knocking him backwards. Enough was enough.

It payed off. The stats were as impressive, with Georgia running for more yards than anyone this season on Tech. The defense did their part, slowing down Tech's rushing offense. They missed few tackles, kept on thier assignments, rarely fell for misdirections and even forced the genius of all things rushing to attempt four strait passes to end Tech's last drive. Game over.

On Friday, I had this hair brained idea that if the Dawgs held the Jackets to the average yards per rush they'd been yeilding, Tech would get around 200 yrds (they had 204, averaging 4 ypr, just above their average), that Tech struggled with teams that spread the ball around to multiple recievers (Cox was 8-14, thowing to six different recievers), and if Georgia's D adjusts its line and forced Tech to make decisions before it wanted to, good things could happen. I am happy to say that I missed one thing: Georgia had more takeaways than turnovers.

For today, savor it Dawgs. I know I am.

I run. The State. Go Dawgs!

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  1. Shouldn't have made fun of that dog.