Friday, November 20, 2009

Farewell, Uga*

Like artists from other genres--James Dean, Hank Williams, Sr. and Bruce Lee--Uga VII left us way too soon.

The fact that we are going through this process again so quickly reminds me of 1978. That was the year a kid from Marietta named Rex Robinson beat Kentucky in the last moments and helped generate one of Munson's first great calls: "Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!"

But '78 was also the year we went through that run of popes. After Pope Paul VI, we knew John Paul I but for a minute when John Paul II took the stage and hung around for a quarter century or so.

Perhaps it will be the same the next time we see an Uga prowl the sidelines. When Uga VII was passed the collar, we naturally hoped for a decade-long run that would include, perhaps a national championship. He was, after all, a pre-season #1 before ever setting foot on the turf. But it was not to be.

Still, Uga VII's brief legacy includes a 10-win season in his rookie year and an undefeated bowl record of 1-0, as well as a home victory over Auburn in his last game.

Fittingly but sad, we will fly in the missing Dawg formation for the remainder of the season. It's already been a bummer of a season. At least we can take heart in knowing Bacarri Rambo is okay.

But it just won't be the same down the stretch without America's Greatest Mascot.

Farewell, Uga. Woof! Woof! Woof!

*My thanks to Jimmy Cracked Corndawg for writing this, who expressed sentiments I wanted to, but was able to do so much more eloquently than I could have.

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