Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ah, the Weekend

I, like others, don't have a whole lot to say about the game this evening that I haven't already said about getting ready for other games.  Several times.

Like everyone else, I am concerned about misdirections.  Like everyone else, I firmly believe we can win if our schemes defensively are designed to put our talented players in the best position to succeed.  Like everyone else, I have too little faith in the probability of that happening.  Like everyone one else, I feel good about being able to score points on Auburn if we hold onto the football and use the short passing and running game to set up big plays from AJ Green.  Like everyone else, I worry Bobo will give up too much with worrying that we have the 'right' personel to run certain plays and finding balance.  Like eveyone else, I feel we have a fighting chance if we are in a close game due to the kicking game.  Like everyone else, to be in a close game, I think the Dawgs have to protect the football unlike they have been able to do all season (much less, get a couple of take aways).

I am not much on predictions.  Having witnessed the Arkansas game in person, I kind of hope (and half way believe) that is what we are in for.  I am past worrying that our defense 'look' good in the rankings.  I only need them to step up and make the big stops when we need them to.  The upside: Chris Todd isn't Ryan Mallet.  Of course, neither is Jonathan Crompton so....

In the end, I just want one game that it all comes together against quality competition.  In a lot of ways, the game last week was the game that nearly everyone else in the conference played while Georgia was in Stillwater.  Hopefully, there is some momentum to build off of.

Finally, I want to publicly say that I am surprised at the success Gene Chizik has had at Auburn this year.  I didn't think they'd win more than three all season.  Part of this admission is a karmic nod.  Part of this is my policy of not being Mark May and 'fessing up when I make statements that are wrong.  Either way, if Gus Malzahn leaves to be a head coach somewhere (Memphis, maybe) next season, it'll be interesting to see what happens.  No doubt, Chizik's best coaching move this year was to bring Malzahn in to revive Auburn's offense. 

Dawgs, do it for the bowl game.  Do it for Kyle King.  Do it for the seniors.  Do it for yoursleves.  GATA!

Go Dawgs!

And I'd feel better if the game were there, to be honest.

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