Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Morning (afternoon, now) QBing

I am not sure I have much more to add than this from David Hale

"Walking out of the locker room after the game, I happened to look over and see Mike Bobo and Willie Martinez sitting next to each other on some chairs near the coaches' office. Usually the two duck out pretty quickly during the interview session, but this time, they stuck around the whole time. Bobo had his head buried in his hands. Martinez had his fist tucked up under his chin, staring off into space. The two looked absolutely dejected. It was among the most visibly shaken I've seen two grown men outside of a funeral that I can remember. I think that image really summed things up better than anything else I could write."
The whole game, I was thinking it might be better for Mark Richt to go back to calling plays.  I am not sure why, I am not sure how, I am not sure period.  It seems like Mike Bobo is just out of his depth right now.  I have been careful not to explicitly call for heads, and have gone as far as defending Bobo and other assistant coaches (well, actually defending the Head Coach's prerogative and judgment in keeping those assistants).  I am not calling for Bobo's head here, either.  I am merely observing that Mike Bobo didn't get out coached.  It felt like he didn't coach at all. 

Fabris?  Nothing to see here.  Just keep moving along...

Coach Martinez and his charges are the only reason Georgia was in the game.  Yeah, there were still execution issues on defense, but nothing like we have seen earlier this season.  In that regard, the defense is progressing.  If you think Willie is at fault for this one, well, we just watched different games.

In the end, we are still on track for the kind of season the reasonable among us thought we would have.  I don' like it and hoped Georgia would be in a better shape, but maybe that is a good place for me to be in as fan: upset over a nine or ten win season.  Hey, the Dawgs lost to the number four team in the nation and stood toe to toe with them.  They faced down adversity time and time again (especially in the first half, which was nearly as painful to watch as the Alabama game last year) but came back from that adversity and showed heart, grit and fire.  I still proudly wore red to church, like I always do after a game.  I am not sure why that is important, but it seems to be to me.

Tennessee is in six days, boys.  Time to put this behind us and figure out what is going on, because it'll be loud in Neyland Saturday.

Go Dawgs.

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