Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Sun Did Rise This Morning

I spent the last 24 hour mulling how best to approach my varied emotions and thoughts after yesterday. I'll take more time tonight to think about what is going on, but for now, I wanted to supplement my post about the debacle in Knoxville.

The Good:
  • Special teams. I wasn't charitable enough yesterday. The blocked punt was fantstic, both a great athletic play and well schemed/executed. It was also one of the few times this season we really tried to pressure a punt. The blocking on the kick return for a TD was spectacular and Boykin's stutter step to allow blocking to develop was genius. Also, Drew Butler and Blair Walsh=money.
  • AJ Green. Enough said.
  • Mike Moore. Yeah, the fumble was tough, but it was a nice play (helmet on football) that most anyone would fumble. It was good to see him (when he was thrown to) make catches. He provides some hope.
  • Bacari Rambo. When I saw the int yesterday, I thought it was a lucky place and time thing. After watching it again this morning, I realized what a good adjustment he made and how he was in position to make a play.
The Bad:
  • Special teams. What? Didn't you just say...yes, I did. Last week we sent Logan Gray to receive a punt at our 45 yard line=fair catch. On a punt deep into our territory, Logan was on the sideline. Do what? Also, kickoff ain't the kicker. That is all.
  • Offensive line. Too many times Cox was rushing passes as he got nailed. Too many times first contact on a runner was made behind the line of scrimmage. Too many times our linemen were looking for someone to block when there were plenty of orange jerseys that need blocking. Too many times said orange jerseys made nice moves on those linemen to get by them.
  • Pass coverage. I don't ever buy into the 'play the younger guys to get them experience' thing. You play your best players. After this week, I think younger guys earned the 'best players' tag.
  • Play calling. Again.
  • Game management. More than the QB's decisions, more than the defensive players on the field, more than personnel on special teams. The Dawgs looked like they rarely had the right personnel in or play called. I hate seeing reactive football, but even that would be preferred to what we saw yesterday. The drive at the end of the first half is merely exhibit 7 of the case.
I have trumpeted the heart shown by this team all season. Each game they have played, they didn't give up, until yesterday. I know that is a damning statement, but that is the only thing I can think after re-watching the game. By the way, after re-watching it, I didn't think either Bobo or Martinez got out schemed so much as much as out coached. Neither of them put their players in a position to succeed after the Kiffins made adjustments.

As I said earlier, I'll have more this evening or tomorrow. I just wanted to get my observations from yesterday off my chest in order to think about macro level issues.

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  1. GT Janitorial CrewOctober 11, 2009 at 7:39 PM

    I just keep seeing the younger players being noted while the older players either not making plays or making bad plays.....I'm just sayin'.
    Sorry ya'll
    (less Rennie of course)