Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something We Can All Agree On

With Notre Dame and Southern Cal playing today, O'Shea, a big Trojan fan, sent this to me.  I'd seen it before, but in light of the ND folks around here and their bluster this week, I felt like it was worth posting.

I posed the question this week to three different ND fans why this was a compelling game (beyond that of interesting intersection rivalry).   Expecting to get good reasons such as it being a game of national prominence in the polls traditionally or that ND can both play spoiler and bolster a BCS bid with a win, I wasn't at all surprised to get variation on the "it is an honor to play Notre Dame so why wouldn't it be a game of national prominence" theme.  Quite the humble bunch.

We Georgia fans all have various reasons for not liking Notre Dame.  I mean, the only redeeming quality to the movie Rudy is that he sacks Georgia Tech quarterback Rudy Allen.  Other than that, it is just the story of another Irish dbag (I know, I know it is more than that, but I really don't like Notre Dame). 

Do with that what you want.  As for me, I'll be quietly rooting for the Trojans.


  1. I can't stand the USC Condoms. But my disdain for the golden homers is much deeper.

    See if you can get an answer to this one up there: when is NotHer Dame gonna sprout a pair, join a conference and/or stop scheduling games of pattycakes?

  2. I asked that question of one of my students. He smiled and said they are in a conference by themselves. If USC are condoms, ND is what they cover.

  3. Q: You know how to make Irish cookies?

    A: Put em in a bowl and beat em 3 1/2 hrs