Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mumme Poll - Week 6

My Mumme Poll ballot for week 6.

The top 5 (in alphabetical order):
Southern Cal

Virginia Tech

The next seven (in alphabetical order):
Boise State
Ohio State

  • The top five were relatively easy, although I had a more difficult time deciding who among USC, Boise State, and TCU deserved to be in the top cohort. USC's schedule, despite the loss, won out.
  • The only other really difficult decision was who between Cincinnati, LSU, Miami, and Oregon for the team left out this week. In the end, Miami was left without a chair.
  • I watch all or parts of the debacle in Knoxville, St. Timmy's resurrection, UK-South Carolina (on replay), Illinois-Michigan State, Iowa-Michigan, Alabama-Ole Miss, tOSU-Wisconsin, UConn-Pitt, and Northern Iowa-NDSU (a sickness, I know).


  1. I like where your head's at. Our polls are identical sans Iowa / Miami. The last team out for me was Nebraska. Iowa is a fraud IMO.

  2. I considered Nebraska briefly and will consider doing so. I am not sure about Iowa, but Miami's 'premier' win was against a 2-2 Oklahoma that was playing without their QB. They got manhandled by VT. Iowa was easier to justify for me because of their undefeated record. Of course, all of that will shake out with them playing on the road this weekend at Wisconsin and at the end of the season in Columbus.