Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Shoot Me in the Face....

I've been careful to stay out of the AJ Green penalty fray, but damn. Just damn.

Georgia didn't lose because of the penalty, but that call surely changed the complexion of what happened on the last drive for LSU.

Stay with me. Blair's kick was fielded at the 17. Even if the Dawgs crap themselves on the huddle kickoff and coverage (which is likely considering....), LSU starts that drive at their own 47 (or possibly make the Dawgs re-kick it, Les Miles is still the coach at LSU and he has made much crazier calls). That means they would have been in a passing situation, as opposed to having the run and pass at their disposal. They were already in (or very close to) FG position at the 38. Any positive gain (and no losses, do not forget the six sacks) from there is bonus time for them.

I am not saying and will not say it cost Georgia the game. It is a shame the way it played out.


  1. You've hit the nail on the head. The penalty was outcome determinative because if LSU were trying to drive the length of the field after a touchback, LSU would be in a passing situation and Scott would not have gotten the ball.

    But I kind of figured that a penalty and/or kickoff coverage would cost us a game somewhere along the line.

  2. Sorry to use the punch line from such a great story, but it just seemed to capture the essence of what I was feeling.