Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey, I heard the Dawgs Played This Weekend

Sorry, I couldn't help but to make a little snark about the AJC's lack of coverage of Georgia's win on Saturday. Even after the win, with Tech yet to kick off for another three hours, they had Tech pictures on their home page. Schultz, predictably, has a "How Tech can get into the BCS Championship game" article up (I refuse to link it), even though they still need help to win their division. Hope is a fickle mistress.

Riot at Toys-R-Us when the new blow up Princess Leia doll went on sale or Tech win? You decide.

Ok, so now that is off my chest, on to my thoughts on the Vandy game.

The Good:
  • Coaching. As poorly coached as the team looked last week, they looked that well coached this week. Before you say 'but it was Vandy,' remember that Vandy has been a team, especially in the past couple of years, Georgia has looked quite poorly coached up for. With the exception of sending Logan Gray to field punts and the inexplicable blocking assignment breakdowns, players were put in positions to excel using their talent. Coaching to win, instead of coaching to not lose will always put superior talent ahead. We saw that Saturday.
  • Defensive line play. Great upfront push, good pressure on a mobile QB, good containment.
  • AJ Green. That is all.
  • Getting TEs involved in the passing game. Not sure if it was Joe Cox making the check down or Mike Bobo calling the play, it was good to see either way.
  • Joe Cox coming back from Tennessee. I was worried the performance would hurt him, especially considering how many times he got hit last week. After the int and the three dropped passes, I was worried he'd melt down. After that point, he was workmanlike. See Green, AJ above.
  • Until I am proven wrong: Blair Walsh and Drew Butler=money.
  • Running the ball. I don't care if it had been at practice, I was happy to see the ball run well (see below for my thoughts on the toss sweep). Nice to change the formation around a bit and still get some yards. Also, with five tailbacks getting touches, can we put the whole notion that we have to have The Guy as tailback to be successful? Yeah, Washaun got the most touches, but King was easily the more aggressive runner. I think it creates problems for defenses with the changes of pace different running backs bring. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  • Joe Cox. Two terrible throws. Beyond that he was sharp while under pressure. Now if he will only throw it to the receivers that will catch the ball....
The Bad:
  • Receivers not catching the ball.
  • Blocking. The offensive line isn't getting better. Too many times inferior talent is just schooling them, resulting in people blaming Joe Cox or one of the running backs for something...or worse yet one of them holding, chop blocking or going down field to catch a pass (sarcasm intended). I can't even talk about the TE/running back situation in blocking. Anyone else think we are just that close if we can get the blocking sorted out, even just a little?
  • Taking what you are given by running backs. Someone mentioned to me that they thought our tailbacks were trying to get too cute earlier in the season. They were trying to make every run a 25 yarder, instead of hitting a hole they know will only result in five yards. At some point, that isn't a coaching issue, that is a smart football issue. It is like watching Andruw Jones swing for the fences the first 20 at bats after a home run. Maddening.
  • The toss sweep. Put it on the shelf, please.
  • Fake punt. Really? Do they allow community coaches in college, because someone has to be in charge of punts and kickoffs. That is one committee that isn't working, at all.
Overall, I am happy with a win. This is a game Georgia needed to look good and have a 'pretty' win. We got that. For what it is worth, LSU and Mississippi had worse games against the 'Dores, both from statistical and mental standpoints and the LSU game was in Baton Rouge at night. The Dawgs showed up, played hard and didn't let Tennessee beat them twice.

I do have a comment about the officiating: How is throwing a football down after a huge pick up on third down and long unsportsmanlike conduct, but ripping a towel off a QB on a sack, throwing said towel in the air and doing a dance not unsportsmanlike conduct? Anyone?

Bye week, boys. In a lot of ways, I hope we treat this as a two week training camp, figure out what has worked right in the first seven games, ditch what hasn't and bring our A+ game to Jacksonville in two weeks. We'll need to.

Go Dawgs!





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  2. The Good: Coaching?

    Because we were poorly coached the past few years that automatically means the coaching was good this year? There are varying degrees of preparedness and because we were so under prepared the past few years does not necessarily mean that the coaches exceeded at their jobs this week. They were a 'C' at best.

    The whole Logan Gray thing is in place for one thing and one thing only, to have a 'punt fake prevent' on the field in situations where the PR is most assuredly going to fair catch and/or the kicking team is in a particular spot on the field where a punt fake is likely. Holy sh*t how perfect a storm was it for Vandy on Saturday at our 47 and we still couldn't stop that. Basically, all those times we've had LG in there all season were a complete waste cause we still got burned on the fake punt, the very reason he's in there as quoted by Mark Richt.

    Evans is still getting more time than Rambo. why?

    I still don't feel like the best players are on the field at all times and that onus falls directly on the coaches.

    Also, playing scared falls on them as well. Not "playing" but actually running schemes to "not screw up" is chicken-sh*t and it's a very new problem for UGA the past two years.

    Just take a look at the comments by Richt and Fabris as to why exactly we have Logan Gray in (as i've eluded to above) and why we directional kick (don't want to give up the big play)... where were these mentalities 2 years ago? We weren't playing scared or to "not give up the big play". Why now? What's changed? What's worse is that these tactics don't even work. It's frustrating.

    If you're gonna get burned once or twice a season on a fake punt, at least put the best men out there to return or block it and maybe we get one for our side. Prevention has proven not to work.
    If you're gonna give the other team the ball on the 40.. Make them earn it. Kick it to the endzone on a line drive. Have them bring it out and suffer blows by our jammers and tackle the ball carrier to the ground, even if it is at the 40. At least you get some hits in and, hell, there's a chance we can stop them before the 40.

    Blair Walsh has the most touchbacks in the SEC this season. Isn't that incredible? The man who we only let kick it free half the time has the MOST TOUCHBACKS IN THE LEAGUE. Imagine what would happen if we abandoned the directional kick.

    Wow, this went from a comment to a full on diatribe. I hope you take it as constructive criticism to only one point of your post. I agree with the rest and enjoy your blog. Just don't feel like giving the coaches credit because they didn't screw up so bad this week.

    That's like the equivalent of playing to not have a fake punt run on you.