Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From the Cornfield

You know, as a random observer of athletics and more specifically, Georgia athletics, I am subjected to a certain amount of having to ignore writers from certain daily newspapers, if for no other reason than they make my blood pressure spike precipitously.

I'm Mark Bradley, and I'm here to piss you off.

This happened last night with Mark Bradley's column on the move, or lack thereof, of the Georgia-Georgia Tech game to the Georgia Dome. Please take a minute to read Tim Tucker's piece on the move. Essentially, Tech wanted Georgia to play the 2012 game at Grant Field, if the game were to be played at the Georgia Dome in 2011. Ok, with me so far?

Not so much Mark Bradley, who has overtaken another, recently departed, writer as the chief numbskull at the AJC. Not that Schultz is much better, but at least he has something more than random Paul's Johnson worship to go on.

Bradley, without ever pointing out why it would be a bad idea for Georgia to do so, just simply states that it would have been better for Tech that the game be played in the Dome. That is especially so if they get two games in their home city. What he didn't say was that if Radakovich really wanted this game to happen, he would have managed the game as a home game for Tech, which actually made the most sense to me, instead of insisting on the home and home rotation change. That makes it nearly impossible for Damon Evans to agree to. That game in the Dome is good for Georgia. There are more seats for Georgia fans in the Dome than on North Avenue. It is a great opportunity to play on national TV to start the season. That is a win-win for both Tech and Georgia, and the group that runs the game gets a win out of it, too.

None of that outweighs having two games in a row against Tech in Atlanta, losing a home game in the process.

As for Mark Bradley, if he really wants to see Georgia and Georgia Tech fans at the same venue packed into a stadium, he only needs to go to the game in Atlanta in November. Of course, it won't be all he wants, as there will be as many Georgia fans there as Tech fans.

Sadly, this isn't his only doozy this week.


  1. I fail to understand how the state's newspaper had a pretty good Dawgs beat reporter in Towers who had lived in Athens for years, then relegated him basically to shop work. They also had a great recruiting guy in Carvell that they basically kicked to the curb.

    It's gotten so bad they don't even bother calling me to solicit a subscription. Buncha asshats.

  2. Newspapers are overrated. Too bad they have relegated their 'talent' to being web site hit mongers. Funny thing, Bradley did some good work back in the day. Now he is TMoore, but with less experience at it.