Monday, October 5, 2009

Final Thoughts on LSU

  • I'm with David Hale, PWD, Bernie, The Senator...everyone but Mark Richt, apparently, our special teams are...not very special, at least on the kickoff coverage teams.
  • In that vein, David Hale has a great breakdown of kick off miscues for the last season and an half. It is a compelling, albeit frustrating, read. A lot like reading the performance review of a close friend that is about to be fired for stupid stuff. The prior statement was not intended to be a literary device.
  • Last week a reader asked me about Washaun Ealey and why he hasn't been used. I gave a thoughtful answer about his readiness and how usually if a running back isn't in by this point in the season, it is generally a result of not picking up blocking schemes. I guessed that he would get a redshirt, absent some disaster, based on past experience. I guess the lack of running game was that disaster.
  • Speaking of Ealey, if we are going to run him out on pass plays, can we just go ahead an line up five recievers and be done with it? A buddy's wife, who isn't a football fan and generally wasn't watching the game noted Ealey out=pass play. I bet John Chavis figured it out faster than that.
  • If you are trying to prevent fakes, just send 11 guys to play line hold defense on punts...
  • Everyone that thought Willie Martinez should be fired, and you know who you are, should immediately apologize on the Dawg Vent and Run. Today. With your real name. His charges are the only reason we are in a position to talk about the one that got away.
  • Yeah, it needs repeating. The DLine got after it on Saturday. Six sacks on a mobile QB. Justin Houston, please stay out of trouble.
  • Someone needs to tackle Boykin the next time he intercepts in the endzone. Preferably, someone wearing red. On the other hand, it was a very nice reaction and play. It is going to be fun watching him for the next couple of years.
  • On the plus side, I was happy with the way Cox protected the ball. That goes double for the running backs.
  • Kudos to Cox for the fantastic drive for Georgia's first score. He looked like the QB we all hoped he would be, making great reads, scrambling(!) for eight yards on a play that fell appart. Drive totals: 18 plays, 60 yards (helped by a questionable unsportsmanlike penalty to add 15 yards to the drive), 7:52 TOP, 6 points. Against the defense that was playing on Saturday for the Tigers, that is fantastic.
My final thought is this: Georgia is unranked, which is irrelevant to me right now in the grand scheme of things. We lost to the number four and fifteen teams in the nation, so that is tough, but understandable. While I am not satisfied, by any stretch of the imagination, I will say that Georgia was in a position to win both of those games (yes, even Okie State). That we didn't find a way to win either of them is relevant to me. It is a broken record, but many things are fixable and if we do fix even some of them, this team can win out. Seriously.

The money question is can we?


  1. What really gets me frustrated is every week (even after wins) we all realize that the problems facing this team can be fixed. Tackling, blocking, maintaining lane integrity on kick coverage...

    While some fans wanna scrap the season and essentially start over, I just wanna see improvement. There's still a lot to play for.

  2. No doubt. I am in the camp that you always have something to play for, even if it is pride. I love the Dawgs too much to write them off. It always surprises me when 'fans' do so.

  3. I don't know what to think anymore. That game was the first one I've been able to watch live since 2004. I was heartbroken and this year's team is just chewing me up. So much potential, so disappointing. I think we need to start to have a serious discussion about our coaching and what needs to change.

    Not that anyone will necessarily listen to our discussion...