Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dawgs in the UFL

Sure you have heard about the United Football League. Basically, it is concieved as a feeder league for the NFL, giving guys that didn't catch or those looking for redepemption, as you will see, for their careers after getting run out of the NFL. There are four teams that will kick off this week. If you have Versus, you can watch those games.

Currently, there are three Dawgs in the UFL.

Odell Thurman. After his ban, he will likely be starting for the Florida Tuskers.
Jermaine Wiggins. Wiggins has had a pretty long career, especially for an undrafted free agent. He was last playing in the NFL for the Jaguars in 2007. He'll line up at TE for the Tuskers.
Josh Mallard. Mallard, who had a much longer NFL career than I remembered, will play for the Las Vegas Locomotives. His NFL line: 35 tackles, including 8.5 sacks. I just didn't know he got enough playing time for a year's worth of sacks.

Here is wishing all three a successful season.

Go Dawgs!

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