Thursday, October 15, 2009


As a keen observer of people, or at least a dude with a blog, I can't help but notice when I see suggestions for 'improving' Georgia's football program that make no sense.  Let me examine some of those I find to be...difficult to comprehend.
  • Fire Joe Cox!  While Bill King is easily the most logical and cogent writer in the AJC stable (faint praise, quite unintentionally), I just cannot agree with his and others' idea that you have to play Logan Gray to 'give him some experience.'  If the coaches feel he is the best person to lead the offense, then great.  I cannot argue with those that say Joe Cox has struggled, so should Gray should get some playing time, I have to believe it is to put Georgia is a position to win.  Getting Gray playing time in order to 'give him experience' isn't a good idea.  If Gray is the one that can do the best job at QB, then everyone, including Joe Cox, will support that.  The question, I suppose rhetorical, has been asked "Why don't we do more with Logan Gray?"  The simple answer, and the only one I can logically come up with, is that he isn't ready to do more.
  • We need to get Kirby Smart.  I have seen this suggestion about 500 times.  While it isn't as preposterous as "We need to get Will Muschamp," it is still pretty out there. Hey, I love Kirby.  I spent plenty of time hanging with him when he was in Athens and think he is a great DC at Alabama.  Here's the problem:  he ain't leaving Saban and we don't want him to.  IF Coach Richt decides to make a change at DC, he'll stay with one of his two Dcoaches that are already in-house.  Both Garner and Jancek are gone if he brings in someone from outside.  No matter how good Kirby is, that isn't a good one for two trade.  
  • Richt needs more emotion.  Plenty of folks have keyed on this one.  This is like saying I wish my girlfriend who just got caught cheating on me would at least get pissed or something.  What does that accomplish?  Sorry, it isn't his nature to do so.  When does he have to get mad?  During the games?  During press conferences?  Practice?  What does that accomplish? It is a dumb argument that is just people looking for something to complain about.
  • Find a running game.  Yeah, like they haven't thought of that.  Whether it is blocking, which is my view, or the running backs, Georgia's running game isn't very good.  While there are things they can do to spruce that up, simply saying 'they outta have a better running game' isn't a solution, it is an asininity.
I fully grant there are plenty of coachable things to improve with this team.  Tackling, containment, pass coverage and playing reading on the defensive side of the ball comes to mind.  Following through on blocking assignments, focus on catches before trying to run with the ball, checking down on receivers and running crisp pass routes come to mind for the offense.   Protect the football, at all cost, for the whole team.  In that regard, this team has yet to play to the level of the sum of its parts.  If it merely performs to the level of its talent, Georgia wins 5 of their last 6 games.  Play to the level of the talent and the known ability of the coaching staff, they could win all six.  I firmly believe that.  But the team needs to fit together better and play to the sum of its parts.

Regretfully, football teams aren't like margaritas, where you just throw pieces in the blender of practice and have a delicious concoction come out.  If it were that simple, you'd be able to do it with just anything or anybody and have a delicous concoction.  Regretfully, it isn't that simple. 

Wow, that's terrific bass!

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