Friday, October 16, 2009

Ah, the Weekend - I'm Glad This isn't a Bye Week Edition

After a week of listening to the machinations of the Bulldog Nation, I say enough. I know I have been a part of it. Others, too. We are justifiably upset. We are also starting to sound like...dare I say it...Tennessee and Auburn fans.

True, Georgia is a mediocre football team right now. True, it feels like there is speed regression this season. True, we all want to have a better product on the field. True, America is built on dissension.

However, we have crossed the line from analysis and thoughtful reasoning about the season and the problems with the football team to mass hysteria and illogical rantings. We are so far from where this program was in 2000. Far to the better. Anyone thinking losing to Georgia Tech once in 8 years is the same as the crap bomb that was our efforts against Tech during Donnan's years (Al Ford be damned included) has time induced memory loss. This football team, right now, is better coached and prepared than any put on the field during the 90s. I know that is saying a lot, but I stand by it.

I am tired of the Ray Goff comparisons. I am tired of people anonymously calling out coaches and players. I am tired of people threatening to ask for their money back from the Hartman Fund. I am tired of the incessant complaining about Mark Richt's emotion, Joe Cox's QBing, Mike Bobo's play calling, John Fabris' directional kickoffs and Willie Martinez's breathing.

You can blow me out of the water for saying it. That is fine. I don't like the way this football team is playing, and by all accounts, the coaches and players don't like it either. If it is so bad that you want Mark Richt fired 'or else,' move along brother, you are giving Bulldog Nation a bad name.

Of course, a big win in Nashville, with the team looking crisp and executing will stop much of this. Go damn Dawgs!

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  1. can you believe a girl is reading about football. lol :) i can't help it i love it!

    mandie reed