Friday, October 23, 2009

Ah, the Weekend - I'm Glad This is a Bye Weekend

With the Dawgs taking a break, this weekend give those of us that follow them closely a chance to reflect more deeply on other games around the country and the SEC. Me, I get to don my tux and go to a wedding. At least the bar will be open and it is at a casino. Why was I upset about this, again?

So, we head into the home stretch of the SEC with a bye. Florida and LSU met in the bayou. The Kiffer got his moral victory in Gainseville and a real victory in Knoxville against the Dawgs, but for the most part, we still have the huge games to go.

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Oct 24:
Tennessee at Alabama. High holy week for the folks at 3rd Saturday in Blogtober. The Kiffer gets to claim a moral victory here if it is within 20.
Arkansas at Mississippi. The Houston Nutt grudge match II.
Vandy at South Carolina. It's not like they are some big powerful team.

Oct 31:
Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Dawg redemption or another step towards beatification for St. Timmy by the national media?
Mississippi at Auburn. Who's back? Who's not?
South Carolina at Tennessee. Gas pumping bowl.

Nov 7:
LSU at Alabama. Always entertaining. Will this be LSU's signature win?

Nov 14:
Auburn at Georgia. A win in the South's oldest rivalry could mean bowl eligibility for either team. That just doesn't sound right.
Florida at South Carolina. Will this be the game that trips up the Gators?

Nov 21:
LSU at Mississippi. Winner goes to the Cotton Bowl. Loser goes to Memphis.
Vandy at Tennessee. Always close and always entertaining.

Nov 28:
Auburn at Alabama. Its the Iron Bowl, y'all.
Mississippi at Mississippi State. Its the Egg Bowl, y'all.

Egg Bowl Trophy

There also are a couple of big non-conference match ups yet to be played, mostly the traditional state rivalry games.

Nov 21:
Florida International at Florida. The Gators vie for the Sun Belt Championship against the Golden Panthers.

Nov 28:
Clemson at South Carolina. Will this be Spurrier's swan song?
Georgia at Georgia Tech. I expect the AJC to have themselves worked into a frenzy over the possibility of Tech going two in a row over the Dawgs. You should expect a sellout way before the AD has to ask for 'walk up' ticket sales to make it so.
Florida State at Florida. Will this be Bobby Bowden's swan song?

Can't we all just get along?

The SEC is in line to have another team in the National Championship game. The Dawgs need two wins to get bowl eligible, but will get more than that. Auburn is facing a third straight loss, and it could be four in a row before they get Furman in a few weeks. Tennessee has two tough ones coming up, too. LSU can run the table, but won't. Mississippi State will get to five wins. Arkansas is the most dangerous team in the conference, and the most entertaining. Florida's OOC schedule is still embarrassing, even if FSU does well the rest of the season. South Carolina won't play on New Year's Day. Mississippi desperately misses Michael Oher. Vandy will upset someone yet. Kentucky will play on New Years Day. Alabama, looking good.

That is all I have. I've got to get my tux from the cleaners, pick up some cash and ease on down the road. Have a good weekend and if you see David Hale, tell him we miss him.

Go Dawgs!

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