Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This makes Dawgnoxious happy. The SEC has suspended the officiating crew that had a stellar three week run, culminating with the Arkansas vs. Florida game, in which they were not given a chance to do a make up call on an egregious personal foul call, among others.

It wasn't like the guy was blind and had a cane. The Florida player, I mean, obviously the ref was.

The officiating crew will take this weekend and next off, so they will have to find someone else to make up for Florida's offensive woes officiate Georgia-Florida.

The crew will be ineligible for bowl work as well.

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  1. I'm reminded of the Simpsons episode 'Trilogy of Error' in which Marge accidentally cuts Homer's thumb off. Marge apologizes to Homer, who responds "Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand, Marge."

    Indeed. Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand, Slive.