Monday, October 12, 2009

80 years ago today...

(Image from The Dawgbone's Image Archive)

Yale visited the new stadium built over Tanyard Creek in the valley between the main campus and the Ag Campus, just downhill from Conner Hall.  The Stadium was named after Steadman V. Sanford, the faculty chairman of athletics (and soon to be named 13th President of the University). 

Yale was chosen as the foe for the innaguaral game for its long history and connection with the University of Georgia.  The old part of campus, notably the northernmost quad, is modeled on Yale's Old Campus, as the founding President of UGA, Abraham Baldwin, was a Yale man.  As a bonus, Yale football was at its apex, with this game to be the first game the Bulldogs from New Haven would ever play in the Deep South. 

(Image: Georgia Sports Communications, from

Georgia won that opening game 15-0 on the strength of Vernon "Catfish" Smith scoring all 15 points for the home squad.  Since then the Dawgs have won over 300 games between the hedges.  It has hosted world sporting events and most importantly, six Saturdays a Fall and once in the Spring, it has 93,000 of my closest friends around to root for the Georgia Bulldogs. 

Happy Birthday, Sanford Stadium, and thank you to Dr. Sanford for making this happen.

You've come a long way, baby.


  1. My grandfather was at that game and recounted it to me many times.

  2. Nice post, a good bit of history. I think we should add Yale to the schedule for next year.