Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Three Players to Watch

I'm not talking about the obvious: Joe Cox, AJ Green, the RBs.  I'm talking about players that might contribute or if they have to, might spell trouble for the Dawgs.

Logan Gray.  Fear the Grayhound (copyright PWD).  I am a big fan of Logan in a change of pace role...occasionally.  However, if he is used as an option every series or (worse) ends up getting significant playing time, I will be worried.  Yeah, I get he is a great talent.  He has plenty of speed (something that was utilized in the craziest way imaginable last season), he was a great passer in high school, and he can dance like Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance.  However, he is still just a sophomore.  If Gray ends up getting significant playing time, the Dawgs lose the field leadership and life experience we are all counting on out of Joe Cox. Nothing against Logan Gray, that isn't a good situation in my mind.

Kiante Tripp.  Georgia's jack of all trades at line play will bring down lineman size, offensive player's training and speed to the defensive end.  With Justin Houston out for two games, Tripp will need to bring the pain early.  With any luck and solid play, he'll be a part of a four player rotation after Justin gets back.  I'd love to see the look on Zac Robinson face when Tripp hauls his 275 pounds of cookies around the edge.  If he does so with the ability he has and lives up to the promise of his recruitment, it'll be a sight to behold.

*Editorial note: Obviously, I wrote this without knowing Kiante's status for the OSU game.

Marlon Brown.  The Dawgs desperately need someone to provide ying to AJ Green and Michael Moore's substantial yang.  I considered going with Orson Charles or Arthur Lynch here and you could make the argument that the tight end position is one that could provide that ying.  However, if Marlon Brown ends up in single coverage, something you would expect with teams focusing on Green and Michael Moore, look for him to make some plays and more importantly give Joe Cox someone he can trust to throw the ball to.

That is his grandmother yelling whoop' at all those cuts.
Of course, these could be way off.  This is just what I am thinking three days out.

Go Dawgs!


  1. Here's to Kiante Tripp playing one position for the rest of his career at UGA. The guy deserves a break, and some stability.

  2. No doubt. I get the sense that he is at DE to stay. He's been the ultimate team player.

  3. sounds like the Pokes are coming down with some injury issues.

    I'm bitter I'm gonna miss this game, I'll have to watch it on Tivo the next day.