Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Morning After a Win is Always Better Than After a Loss

A couple of thoughts on the victory last night:
  • Heart.  Tons and tons of Heart.
  • The Oline played fantastically.  Bobo called a solid game.  Richt showed fire.  Samuel ran with authority. Green made awesome catches.  Cox showed why he is the starting QB.
  • I smoked a full pack of unfiltered Camels on the last drive.  At least it felt that way.
  • Hey, officials were dead on most of their calls, however, once again there was a no call on exactly the same play that Georgia had been called for (the horse collar tackle of Green when his HELMET was ripped off was a no call after Jones was called for a much less obvious tackle on the sideline earlier).
  • We didn't lose the game after losing the turnover battle.
  • Special Teams, the exception or the rule?  Should I take away that the deep kick is great or bad? Should we be mad at Braden Smith, et al, for returning kicks from the end zone or excited when they do? Were special teams merely missing a blocked extra point returned for two points for this to be a simple (albeit a four hour long) primer on both great and not so much special team play.
Finally, this just made me happy, more so that it happened right in front of Spurrier.

I said it before.  A win is a win and that is good enough for me.

Go Dawgs!

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