Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Thoughts on Arkansas or "How I learned to stop worrying and learned to love offense"

A couple of gripes, a couple of thoughts, a couple of praises. Nothing cogent, though.

  • What is with stadiums playing music and making other noise during snap counts and such?!? Yosemite Sam at Okie State actually shot cannonade off during Georgia's snap count. In Arkansas, they were piping some psuedo rap during Georgia's snap count, especially in the 4th quarter. Call me old school, but if your fans cannot interrupt the snap count, then you just suck.
  • 'Mallett' is a French colloquialism for chicken (or a reasonable analogy for a small furry mammal). How do you slide short of the goal line down by 11? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it. But how?
  • Who has two thumbs and wonders where his defensive backs are?
  • So, we have an identity now. Score early, score often.
  • I am no good at winning these types of games, although it is better than losing them.
  • Joe Freaking Cox!
  • It was good to see Orson Charles keep his feet during catches. It was even better to see him streaking down field like a wide receiver on the TD.
  • OchoDos stepped up. Big time.
  • While our coaches are responsible for preparing players for play, you have to be willing to be coached. Several of the miscues on defense were simply players not thinking about their position on the field and having awareness of what is going on around them. That doesn't excuse a defensive scheme that allows so many receivers to be so free so many times.
  • When your worse put down to an opposing fan is "Georgia Sucks!" you should probably go back to taunt school.
  • Yet again, Georgia picked itself up off the ground nursing a double digit deficit that had been handed to to their opposition. Say what you want, this team has tons of heart.
  • -2 per game isn't a recipe for success boys.
  • Evil Richt showed up last night with the forth down play and going for the two point conversion after the procedure penalty backed the offense up five yards. I loved it.
  • To the Arkansas fans that said "Why don't you just leave!" I made your day. I left.


  1. Mallett also cried like a little nancy when a defender nudged him at the end of that play too. Welcome to the SEC kid.

    And you're more cogent than the ARK fans gave you credit for Exhile. Afterall, you ARE a Dawg in exhile...and yet you've been to as many games this season as I have.

  2. I was below the loud speaker in the upper deck and it was terrible. You couldn't hide from the shear volume of the PA Guy, it was still loud in the restroom. Agree with the trash talk, Georgia Sucks was as creative as Arkansas got. Overall, Fayetteville was a fun town and we met some good people.

  3. Now, if we can just put 50 on everyone we can go 11-1....

    I prefer defense.