Friday, September 4, 2009


One Day.

One Place.

One Season.

One Team.


That has been the mantra this pre-season. One. No stars, just team.

For the first time in a dozen years, the team was featured on the cover of the media guide. Much has been said and written about the mentality of the team last year. How they didn't support each other, how they didn't pick each other up, how they didn't hold each other accountable, how they let each other down.

(Image: UGA Sports Communications)

Last year was about star power. Flash. Number one rankings. This year is about team. Work. Having something to prove.

One team.

We have waited through a snowy winter (some, more so than others).  We made it through the warming of spring, with a lackluster GDay game and sundresses and sweet tea vodka.  We looked forward to media days with anticipation, then disappointment, if for no other reason than The Kiffer didn't get round-housed by someone.  We have watched the days slowly creep by as August finally became September, as mat drills became game planning.  We have debated conference, mascots, RBs, coaches, fired coaches, slights perceived and real, schemes, pass rush, scheduling, Jacksonville, BBQ, drink, coeds and the size of Joe Cox.  Now we are a day from kickoff.

Right now, the season is full of promise, hope and anticipation.  We are in the one place that everyone loves.  Kickoff is tomorrow.

If you are going to Stillwater, be careful and look out for me and Ms. Bulldog in Exile.  To quote Kyle King: "We'll be the loud ones in red."

Put your balls in the air, boys.  Football is here.


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