Saturday, September 12, 2009

Live from....


It makes the Baby Tebow cry for me to type that. Ok, we are going to Athens in a few weeks for the Arizona State game, but are going to tailgate with some law students that paid the Public Interest Law Foundation for a tailgate before a game of their choice here in Champaign. PILF, as it is known, helps fund living expenses for law students doing summer clerkships working with organizations that wouldn't otherwise afford to pay them, such as legal aid societies.

My friend, The Mayor, is a huge Illini fan and they actually do tailgating just about as close to right as you can. They have a big van with a TV and stereo system. They get there early, regardless of kickoff time. They do at least two full meals, always breakfast and something else depending on game time. They have tents, chairs, a food plan, both brewed and distilled beverages and a huge Great Dane named Travis. Today's kickoff with South Carolina coincides with Illinois' kickoff against Illinois State, so this was a perfect game for us to host the tailgate as I can be there up until about 30 minutes before kickoff and still make it home in time to catch the Dawgs. I live 25 miles from the stadium. I'm just sayin'....

Now, Illinois doesn't have a huge tailgate culture. In fact, this group is one of only about 50 that do it in any manner that we, as Southern football fans, would recognize as tailgating. For Illinois, as in most of the Big 10, a tailgate is usually a little food, lots of beer and nothing organized. That is great and all, but I prefer the day long social, food, drink and football bacchanalia that defines tailgating for me.

So, I'll be tailgating, wearing red in a sea (or lake) of orange. Ms. Bulldog in Exile noted that Illinois State's colors are red and white, asking if I intended to wear my standard Georgia home gear. I simply noted that I would and couldn't help the poor scheduling by Illinois that would lead to this. I'll update this post through the day with my observations and with pictures later today.

In the meantime, be careful driving to Athens and Go Dawgs!

Ok, so near 150 people are tailgating near the stadium. By near, think Tate Center Parking lot. We, however are living large. Our favorit redhead friend, pork loin and Freebird on the stereo. The only bad news is some lowlife stole the dish receiver from the van, so we are missing Florida beat some dude named Troy.

Update: if I had a dollar for everytime someone asked "what's the 'G' stand for, I'd have 14 dollars right now. So that is why football sucks here. You don't even recognize a common symbol.

Further update: is there any difference between The Kiffer and Cheatheisel? I think not.

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  1. Having been tailgating at IL games many times I can confirm it leaves a lot to be desired based on how most people do it. I chalk this up to the fact the last two or three games are usually freezing.