Saturday, September 5, 2009

Live from Stillwater

I'll be updating this through the afternoon and during the game. Nothing earth shattering, just present sense impressions of what is going on. Check back for periodic updates, if you like.

•So, we went to the dedication deal for the new stadium. They have no humor about folks shouting "Go Dawgs!" In the middle of speaches.
•Nice stand. D looks good. Second drive is HUGE.
•we don't want to get into a boxing match with these folks.
•On the reversed personal foul: Penn Wagers called...
•There it is. We knew if they had that many opportunities, they'd take advantage of them.
•Nice Orange Power chant with Trinton lating on the turf...jackasses. Bush league as I have ever seen.
•As huge a fourth quarter we've faced all...season.
•We've got to catch one of those passes Robinson is throwing to us.
•Well, it is hard to beat 17 guys. The fumble hurt, but a tic tack block in the back call, compounded by a personal foul call just makes it hard.
•First opening loss for CMR.
•It is going to be a long year.

More when I get back to Illinois.

Ok, I've come out of the dark place. A couple of final thoughts:

  • If the Dawgs are going to win, the recievers have to catch passes that hit them in the hand, even if they aren't perfectly thrown.
  • That goes double for the defensive backs.
  • Joe Cox didn't overwhelm today, but I don't think he was as bad as some I talked to after the game.
  • I hope Trinton is ok.
  • While I like the 57 yards per kick average from Butler, I sure would like to see more hangtime.
  • I hope Okie State is good. I really do. I am not sure they are, yet.
Ok, that is all for now. Safe travels to Kyle, Thinking Bulldog, PWD, Dawgnoxious, Quinton and all the Dawg people that were in Stillwater today.

Go Dawgs!

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  1. Well, damn. Damn. Damn. Trying to look at the bright side, the defense was pretty good for three quarters. Also, looks like USC doesn't have much offense either, so should be a good game next week.